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Q: When did Queen Mary stop ruling England?
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What caused Queen Mary to stop being the queen?

Queen Mary I 's reign stopped when she died.

When did Vikings stop ruling England?

The Danish reign period in England was between 1017 and 1042.

When did queen Victoria stop ruling India?

May 1,1876 - January 22, 1901

Was Mary Queen of Scots protestant?

Mary was a spearhead of hope for the Catholic population of England. They saw her as a prospective Catholic leader. However Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles can only be proven to be have been involved with one plot. However, seeing that she had been under house arrest for 19 years, It is more than possible she just wanted to escape. It would be a difficult position.

When did Catherine parr stop being queen?

When she died giving birth to Mary Seymour.

Why did Queen Elizabeth I kill Mary Queen of Scots?

With the establishment of the Church of England, Elizabeth was viewed at home and abroad as a Protestant ruler. Although she did not face considerable problems earlier in her reign, when Mary Queen of Scots, a devout Catholic and claimant to the English throne, arrived in England in 1568 Catholic dissention quickly broke out. Countless plots to overthrow Elizabeth and seat Mary were schemed. In 1587, Elizabeth's counsellors finally convinced her to execute Mary on charges that she had plotted to overtake the throne.

Why did the Romans stop ruling Britain?

The Romans withdrew from England and Wales to better defend the rest of the Empire from incursions happening on the mainland.

Why did pharaohs stop ruling Egypt?

Queen Cleopatra was the Last Pharaoh of Egypt. With her death the rule of Egypt was finally passed to the Romans in 30 BC.

How was Mary Queen of Scots educated?

Mary queen of Scots (our queen) was eucuted cuz she was put in the English jail and she was writng secret letter to people to help her get out of jail but her cousion elizabeath1 tried to stop her from getting ecutied but they went behide elizabeath1 back and choped her head off

What do you do to stop food from ruling your life?

stop eating junk food

Did Elizabeth stop England getting invaded?

The Spanish Armada failed to invade Britain during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First.

Why didn't King George VI and Queen Mary have more children?

Because they were son and mother, respectively. Queen Mary was married to King George V and they had six children including more than enough male heirs, thus being sufficient reason to stop producing.