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Rodney Mullen got married to his wife Traci Mullen in the year 2000. He is known for his professional Skateboarding career.

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Who is the best skateboader?

Rodney mullen Rodney mullen

Who sponsors Rodney mullen?

Rodney mullen is sponsored by globe

How old is skater Rodney Mullen?

Rodney Mullen is aged 38

When was Rodney Mullen born?

Rodney Mullen was born on August 17,1966

Who is better at skateboarding rob dyrdek or Rodney mullen?

Rodney Mullen.

What nicknames does Rodney Mullen go by?

Rodney Mullen goes by The Mutt.

What kind of board does Rodney Mullen have?

Rodney mullen has a 7.7 almost skateboard

How tall is Rodney mullen?

Rodney mullen is 5 foot 11 inches

What wheels does Rodney mullen use?

Rodney Mullen uses Speed Demons wheels.

What is Rodney mullen famous for?

Rodney Mullen is mostly famous for his awsome ground tricks

Is Rodney mullen gay In Skateboarding?

Absolutely not. He has been married for a number of years now.

What board did Rodney mullen have?

Rodney mullem

How did Rodney mullen become famous?

Rodney Mullen is noticed by his ground tricks and famous for the ollie.

How was Rodney mullen discovered?

Rodney Mullen was discovered by Bruce Walker when he won a contest at kona

Rodney mullen deck?

Rodney mullen decks are purchaseable undr the enjoi and almost brand

How old was Rodney mullen when he invented the kickflip?

Rodney Mullen was to be 17 years old when he invented the kickflip

Did Rodney mullen die?


Does Rodney mullen have a brother?


Does Rodney mullen have a Twitter?


Who is better Rodney mullen or Danny way?

Rodney Mullen is better at street and Danny Way is the best at vert.

Who invented the late flip?

I think it was Rodney Mullen but i dont know when! I think it was Rodney Mullen but i dont know when!

Who was the first freestyle skater?

Rodney Mullen, Steve rocco, tony hawk and Stacy peralta.

Who created the kickflip?

Rodney Mullen and they were first called magic flips. Yes, Rodney mullen, he also created the impossible,, the 360 flip aka tre flip, and the heelflip. Rodney Mullen is a god:]]

What companies are Rodney mullen signed to?

Rodney Mullen is most famous for being sponsored by Almost. Rodney has a line of his own Almost skateboard, but Rodney has been skating for Enjoi too.

What is Rodney mullens parents name?

Saliva Mullen and Trey Mullen

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