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Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force ended in 1993.

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Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force was created in 1949.

Royal Hong Kong Regiment ended in 1995.

Royal Hong Kong Regiment was created in 1854.

The current address of the Royal Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong is 193 Prince Edward Rd W, Hong Kong. The Royal Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong is one of the most visited hotels in all of Hong Kong annually.

Royal Hong Kong Regiment's motto is 'Nulli Secundus in Oriente'.

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club was created in 1894.

258 * British Army - 123 (7 officers, 40 NCOs and 76 privates) * Royal Navy - 86 + 2 Hong Kong laundrymen * Royal Marines - 27 (2 officers, 14 NCOs and 11 privates) * Merchant Navy - 6 + 2 Hong Kong sailors * Royal Fleet Auxiliary - 4 + 4 Hong Kong laundrymen * Falklands Islands civilians - 3 (3 women killed by friendly fire) * Royal Air Force - 1 (1 officer)

Royal Naval Hospital - Hong Kong - ended in 1956.

Royal Naval Hospital - Hong Kong - was created in 1841.

They are officially known as "The Hong Kong Police Force."

Hong Kong - 1960 Murder Royal 1-2 was released on: USA: 5 October 1960

Hong Kong DollarsThe Hong Kong Dollar or HKD.Hong Kong Dollars.

Hong Kong is a city in China, which is on the continent of Asia.

No, Hong Kong has its own currency the Hong Kong Dollar.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Please see this site which has the current time for Hong Kong:

Hong Kong uses its own currency, The Hong Kong Dollar. It is accepted all over Hong Kong, The New Territories and Macau.Hong Kong Dollars

there is no capital city for Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city, and former British colony, in southeastern China.The Hong Kong dollar is the currency of Hong Kong.The International currency code is HKD.

The Hong Kong currency is colloquially known as Hong Kong Dollars (HKD$).

The Battle of Hong Kong took place in Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Hong Kong Disneyland is close to Sunny Bay

Either is acceptable, but Hong Kong is more common.

The official currency of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar.

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