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S.E Hinton Started Writing books when she was 16 years old

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Mark Twain started writing books when he was 37 years of age starting with Gilded Age. The year of 1872

She began to write in February, 1979.

Andrew Clements' first book was published in 1985.

No, on the back of the Outsiders, she said that the year she started writing it when she was fifteen, and got a D in creative writing. No, on the back of the Outsiders, she said that the year she started writing it when she was fifteen, and got a D in creative writing.

Geoffrey Chaucer started writing books in the year 1987. Errr no he didn't! You must be thinking of a different Chaucer! He was born in the 14th century and died in the 15th century.

1910 at a very early age she says she started writing stories for her brothers

She couldn't think of anything to write about except diarrhea.

She began writing in the late 1970s as Barbara Neale and had short stories and plays published and performed. Her first novel was published in 1995.

His first novel was published in 1974, but started at the age of 7, was inspired by his aunts horror books that he found in a box in his aunts attic.

There is no age limit to writing a book. S.E Hinton was sixteen when she wrote 'The Outsiders' and I have heard of a nine-year old getting published. It's all about the quality of your story, not your age.

She was 15 or 16 years old. The same year that she wrote the book, she flunked her creative writing class. Ironic (btw, best book ever!)

Millie Helen Hinton is 6ft.... which is abnormal for a 14 year old gally

When she was 13 years old she started writing poems

when he was 23 the year of 1987 1985

Langston Hughes started writing poetry in the 1920's.

When did Norman Lear start his tv writing career?

jacky started writing in the year 1950 she was a little girl and she was the worst in the class the stories were rubbish like now

Jerry Spinelli started writing when he was a 13 year old kid. In year 1982, his first book was published.

Yes, in fact he is writing one right now. His latest published piece is due out in early November this year.

Zora Neale Hurston started her writing carrer when she attended Howard University.

The first book of the series was published in 2005.

Michael Connelly began writing books in 1992. His first novel "The Black Echo" won the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award for best first novel, although Connelly had written two books prior to that, but just never published them.

She started writing the series in 1990, and completed it in 2007.

I'm not quite sure but i think it was 1970