When did Sabinus of Spoleto die?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Sabinus of Spoleto died in 304.

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Q: When did Sabinus of Spoleto die?
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When was Sabinus of Spoleto born?

Sabinus of Spoleto was born in 2##.

When did Sabinus of Canosa die?

Sabinus of Canosa died in 566.

When did Georg Sabinus die?

Georg Sabinus died in 1560.

When did Sabinus of Piacenza die?

Sabinus of Piacenza died on 420-12-11.

When did Quintus Titurius Sabinus die?

Quintus Titurius Sabinus died in -54.

When did Atto of Spoleto die?

Atto of Spoleto died in 663.

When did Concordius of Spoleto die?

Concordius of Spoleto died in 175.

When did Thrasimund I of Spoleto die?

Thrasimund I of Spoleto died in 703.

When did Theodelap of Spoleto die?

Theodelap of Spoleto died in 652.

When did Hildeprand of Spoleto die?

Hildeprand of Spoleto died in 789.

When did Adelard of Spoleto die?

Adelard of Spoleto died in 824.

When did Alberic I of Spoleto die?

Alberic I of Spoleto died in 925.