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Saint Agnes was never married.

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What is Saint Agnes of Montepulciano the patron saint of?

Agnes is not a patron saint at this time.

Where did Saint Agnes die?

Saint Agnes was martyred in Rome.

What is St. Agnes of Montepulciano the patron saint of?

Agnes is a saint but is not currently a patron saint.

Is Saint Agnes the sister of Saint Clare?

Saint Agnes of Assisi was the younger sister of Saint Clare of Assisi.

When was The Saint Agnes School created?

The Saint Agnes School was created in 1917.

Where did Saint Agnes do her work?

Saint Agnes spent her short life in or around Rome.

Why is Saint Agnes the patron saint of chastity?

Saint Agnes chose to die rather than lose her virginity.

Is there a Saint Agnolo?

There is a Saint Agnes but no Saint Agnolo.

When was Saint Agnes Episcopal Church created?

Saint Agnes Episcopal Church was created in 1888.

When was Mount Saint Agnes College created?

Mount Saint Agnes College was created in 1890.

Who is the patron saint of the lamb and young girls?

Saint Agnes of Rome is the patron saint of lambs and young girls.

How old was Saint Agnes when she died?

Saint Agnes of Rome was 12 or 13 years old when she was executed.

Is Saint Agnes of Rome the sister of Saint Clare?

No, it was St. Agnes of Assisi who was St. Clare's sister.

Who was Saint Agnes of Monte Perdido?

I can find no reference to a saint named St. Agnes of Monte Perdido.

Did Saint Agnes have any children?

No, Agnes was a professed virgin.

When was Saint Agnes Academy - Texas - created?

Saint Agnes Academy - Texas - was created in 1906.

What was Saint Agnes' virtue?

Agnes is best known for her purity.

Why did Saint Agnes become a saint?

St. Agnes died as a martyr - considered automatic sainthood by the early Christian community.

When did Saint Agnes of Rome live?

Saint Agnes was born in 292 A.D. and died in 304 A.D., at the age of twelve.

Where did Saint Agnes of Rome live?

Agnes lived and died in Rome, Italy.

How long did Saint Agnes live?

Agnes was 13 years old when she was martyred.

What is the symbol of Saint Agnes?

The lamb symbolizes purity and Saint Agnes promised God never to stain purity and remain virgin.

What is Saint Agnes Academy Legazpi City's motto?

Saint Agnes Academy Legazpi City's motto is 'Ora et Labora'.

Who is Saint Inez?

Saint Inez, or Ines, is the same as Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr.

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