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Anyone who is in heaven is a saint, including the angels. Canonization is just the official process by the Church where this is publicly recognized and a Mass and Office are established for a particular person. However, this is rather recent:

St. Patrick died, and entered heaven, and has been celebrated as a saint long before the Church's process of canonization was even conceived.

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Q: When did Saint Patrick become a saint?
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Why did Saint Patrick become a pope?

Saint Patrick was never a pope.

How was Saint Patrick inspired to become a saint?

St. Patrick did not aspire to become a saint. He simply tried to do the will of God in the best way possible and that led to him being declared a saint.

What age did St. Patrick become a saint?

St. Patrick was dead when he became a saint. That is a primary requisite for becoming a saint.

What were the two miracles that Saint Patrick did to become a saint?

The official canonization process was not in place at the time that Patrick was declared a saint. No miracles were required.

Did Saint Patrick become blind?

No, he did not become blind.

What miracle made Saint Patrick become canonized?

At the time of Saint Patrick, miracles were not required to be declared a saint. Patrick was declared a saint by the local Catholic congregation based on his holy and pious life.

Is Saint Patrick a saint?

Yes, Saint Patrick is a saint. That is why he has the title "Saint" before his name.

Did Saint Patrick become a bishop?


What did Saint Patrick do to be named after Saint Patrick's Day?

You have it backwards. Saint Patrick's Day was named after Saint Patrick. March 15 is the Catholic feast day of Saint Patrick.

Why did Saint Patrick become the patron saint of Ireland?

Saint Patrick was largely responsible for the conversion of pagan Ireland to Christianity. It was only natural that he would be named as the patron saint of that country.

What is Saint Patrick the Archangel the patron saint of?

Saint Patrick is not an archangel.

Is Saint Patrick really a saint?

Yes, St. Patrick is really a saint.

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