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The second son of Captain John Adams, born 6 May 1689, was named Samuel, and in 1713 married Mary Fifield.

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Who was Samuel Adams married to?

Mrs. Adams

Who is Samuel Adams married to?

mrs adams

Did Samuel Adams get married?

yes he got married

What was the name of the person Samuel Adams married?

From a biography of Samuel Adams: In 1749 he married Elizabeth Checkley. After his first wife died in 1757, he married Elizabeth Wells in 1764.

How many times was Samuel Adams married?

Samuel Adams was married twice. He was married to Elizabeth Checkley in 1749. After her death in 1757, it would be some time before he married Elizabeth Wells in 1764.

How long was Samuel Adams married?

Sam Adams was married to his first wife, Elizabeth Checkley, for 7 years.

Who did Samuel Adams love?

Samuel Adams was married twice i don't know the first but the second was a girl named Elizabeth Wells

When did Elizabeth Checkley marry Samuel Adams?

He married her in 1749.

When did Samuel Adams marry Elizabeth Checkley?

They were married in 1749.

Was Samuel Adams son ever married?

no he was not ever maried

What year was Samuel Adams get married with Elizabeth Checkley?


What were the names of Samuel Adams' parents?

Father - Samuel Adams (born May 16, 1689), Married mother - Mary Fifield in 1713.

Did Samuel Adams marry Abigail Smith?

No Sam married john, and abi married george

When did Samuel Adams marry Elizabeth Wells?

They married in 1764, when Elizabeth was twenty-nine, and Samuel was fourty-two. They married in 1764, when Elizabeth was twenty-nine, and Samuel was fourty-two.

How many wives did Samuel Adams have?

Founding Father Samuel Adams was married two times. His first wife was Elizabeth Checkley and his second wife Elizabeth Wells.

Who was Samuel Adams?

Samuel Adams was a patriot.

What was Samuel Adams known as?

Samuel Adams.

How was Samuel Adams adulthood?

samuel adams adulthood \

How were presidents John Adams and Samuel Adams related?

Samuel Adams and John Adams were cousins.

What were Samuel Adams kids ' names?

Charles Adams Samuel Adams elizabeth Adams Mary Adams

Was Samuel Adams John Adams son?

No, Samuel Adams was a second cousin of President John Adams.

Did Samuel Adams have children?

no Samuel Adams didnt have children

Where was Samuel Adams from?

Samuel Adams was born and rasied in massachusetts.:)

Who is on the Samuel Adams beer bottle?

Samuel James Adams

Was Samuel Adams a patriot or a loyalist?

Samuel Adams was a patriot.

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