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Sega Genesis ended in 1997.

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Q: When did Sega Genesis end?
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Can you play Sega genesis games on Sega Saturn?

No. Sega Genesis games can only be played on a Sega Genesis or Sega Nomad, and some other consoles with Genesis compatibility.

When was Sega Genesis created?

Sega Genesis was created in 1990.

Can Sega genesis 2 play Sega genesis games?

The Sega Genesis Model 2 is just a compacter (smaller) version of the Sega Genesis. So yes it can Lets say it like this : Sega Genesis (phat) = model 1 and The Sega Genesis (slim) = model 2 Hope i helped

Can you play Japanese Sega genesis games on an English Sega genesis?


When did Sega Genesis Collection happen?

Sega Genesis Collection happened in 2006.

What year was Sega Genesis invented?

The Sega Genesis was invented in september, 09 1993 by a guy named Tim Sega.

When was sonic released?

Shortly after the Sega Genesis was released, probably the same year as the Sega Genesis.

When was Sega Genesis Collection created?

Sega Genesis Collection was created on 2006-11-16.

Which one is better a Sega Genesis or a Sega Saturn?

Genesis, Saturn failed But Sega Saturn had 18X games in Japan.

Who made the Sega Genesis?

hmmm maybe SEGA

Is the Sega Genesis and the Sega mega drive the same thing?

Yes. Sega Mega Drive is the Japanese and European name for it, while Sega Genesis is the North American name for it.

How much is a Sega Genesis worth without cordes?

A sega genesis is worth about 10$-25$ without the cords.

What was the clock speed of the processor in the Sega Genesis?

The processor in the Sega Genesis is a Motorola 68000 running at 7.67 MHz.

Can you play a Sega 32x game on a Sega Genesis 2?

Sorry, but no. Genesis only plays 16bit games.

When did Shadowrun - Sega Genesis video game - happen?

Shadowrun - Sega Genesis video game - happened in 1994.

When was Shadowrun - Sega Genesis video game - created?

Shadowrun - Sega Genesis video game - was created in 1994.

Why is the Sega Mega Drive renamed the Sega Genesis?

The Mega Drive and Genesis are the same thing, only the mega drive in European and the genesis is American

Can you play Sega Genesis games on Sega 32X?

I think so

Can you play Sega Mega CD games on a Sega Saturn?

No, you cannot ! Directly from the Sega Saturn manual: "You cannot use Genesis, Sega CD, or Genesis 32X games or peripheral equipment with your Sega Saturn."

Where can one purchase the Sega Genesis 1 console?

The Sega Genesis 1 console is available for purchase at many retailers online. The two main online sites one can buy a Sega Genesis 1 are Amazon and eBay.

When did they stop selling the Sega Genesis?

The Sega Genesis was discontinued in 1997. It sold nearly 40 million units from 1989-1997.

When was X-Men - Sega Genesis video game - created?

X-Men - Sega Genesis video game - was created in 1993.

When did X-Men - Sega Genesis video game - happen?

X-Men - Sega Genesis video game - happened in 1993.

Is pac-man 2 for sega?

Pac-man 2 the new adventures is on the sega genesis

How much is a Sega Genesis worth?

I happen to have a sega genesis in great condition. It plays well and nothing is wrong with it. I would have to say it has to be worth a lot more than $100. I say that accordidng to the condition of your sega genesis, that is how much it is worht.