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i dont know i wolud somewhere thorw 1974-1979 with the relese of the first game in 1980 or 1881 it is the best game cartter said by the gunness book of world reoreds then agein im 11

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How do you make a Mario emoticon on facebook?

[[supermario]] by typing this you can make a mario emoticon

How do you make Mario do a flip in new super Mario bros ds?

Make Mario run and jump 3 times while running.

Does Mario touch a leaf to make him raccoon Mario?


How do you make Mario on alchemy?

1 up + man =Mario

How do you make Mario on alchemy game?


How do you make a Super Mario world?

you play super Mario and all you do is play that is how you make the world of super Mario because you just complete levels

How do you make copies of Mario in Super Mario 64?

isn't that illeagal?

Can you make a Kart in Mario Kart?

No, but in Mario Kart 7, you can customize it.

Can you still make Mario Kart licenses?

On Mario kart Wii

How do you make luigi pick up Mario in Mario and luigi's bowser's inside story?

super mario

What are Mario and Luigi's last names?

Mario that's why they are the Mario brothers.AnswerSoprano would make more sense.

When did Nintendo make Mario?

Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong,in 1981.

Do they make Mario Kart for playstation 2?

No, Mario Kart is for Nintendo only

Where can you make a Mario character online?

pcgame4fun (super Mario dress up)

How do you make a Mario movie in macromedia flash mx?

First you have to make a symbol of Mario moving and make it a movie clip. Then Get a background for Mario to move in and put the movie clip there make a motion tween of the movied clip on a different layer and then voila you have Mario moving a on a back ground. NOw all you have to do is publish.

Who made super Mario brothers?

Nintendo made Mario they make most games all the Mario games are by Nintendo?

Why is Mario and his friends nothing in Mario party?

Well Mario Party kinda the creators had to make them nothing!$

How do you make a Mario game?

with computers

How do you make an origami Mario?

with paper

How do you make luigi go on the other side in Mario luigi superstar saga?

you make Mario hit luigi luigi duck

What does LEGO Mario look like?

a LEGO Mario would look like... Mario look on how to make lego customs he will show you.

How do you make Mario speed up in Super Mario Bros DS?

Hold down the B button, then Mario will run. pokemonmaster98

How do you make Mario look like dr Mario in brawl?

you don't. you unlock D.R. Mario by winning in multiplayer and the you battle D.R. Mario in the computer on sudden death.

Will there be a Super Mario Brothers 2 for xbox 360?

Because Mario belongs to Nintendo and Nintendo make their own consoles, it is very unlikely that Nintendo will allow Microsoft to make a Mario game for the Xbox.

If there will be a Mario Party Ten?

of course Mario party is awesome they will defenitley make another one

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