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In 1762 ceded what came to be called the Louisiana Territory to Spain in return for their help during the French and Indian wars. In 1800 my sources tell me that Spain gave or sold the territory back to France. In turn France sold it to the U.S. in 1803. I do not know how or why the transfer in 1800 was done. In writing a small history project, I would like to find how that transfer was made, and why. Any help? Dolores Dambach

France got control of the Louisiana Territory with the signing of the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso in 1800. - G Oakley

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Who did France transfer the Louisiana Territory to after the French and Indian War?

they transered it to Spain. hope I helped bae

Why did Spain transfer Louisiana territory to France?

Because, Nepolean Dynamite offered them lots of dough yo

Was Louisiana purchased from Spain?

No, the Louisiana territory was not purchased from Spain. It was purchased from France.

Who did the Louisiana territory use to belong to?

Spain and France (who we bought it from)

Who sold the Louisiana Territory to France?

No one. France obtained the territory when Napoleon took control of Spain, who held the territory. France then sold it to the US.

Treaty that gave Louisiana back to France from Spain?

when Spain gave the Louisiana territory back to France witch lead to the Louisiana purchase On October 18, 1803 by: Jared Jones

When did Spain sell the Louisiana territory to France?

April 30, 1801. Spain was no longer a dominant power they signed a secret treaty with France to return it to France. France had the territory from 1699 until it was ceded to Spain in 1762. In 1800 Napoleon regained the territory.

What was Spain's reaction to the Louisiana Purchase by the US?

The Louisiana territory was controlled by France from 1699 to 1762. France handed over the territory to Spain in 1762 and then again reacquired the territory in 1800. During their reign Spain had denied Americans access to New Orleans. Spain did not like American influence to increase in the territory. France at the time of reacquiring the territory had assured Spain that the territory would not be handed over to third party. Spain protested against Louisiana purchase which double the size of United States. Spain and USA later got into a dispute over the boundaries of the territory.

Who did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana Purchase from?

France.The Louisiana Territory was owned by France, and was sold to Thomas Jefferson by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Why did Spain give the Louisiana territory back to France?

In 1800, Spain returned ownership of its Louisiana Territory in North America to France mainly because of French power. France was a growing power at the time; indeed, it was perhaps the strongest power of all in Europe. With Napoleon demanding the return of what had once been French territory, Spain acquiesced.

What two countries claimed the Louisiana territory before the early 1800s?

France and Spain

What did Spain return to Napolean in the secret Treaty of Ildefonso?

The Louisiana Territory The Louisiana Territory The Louisiana Territory

When did the Louisiana purchase happen?

The final transfer from the Louisiana purchase from Spain to France were Nov 30, 1803, and from France to the US on Dec 20, 1803

What country controlled the Louisiana territory and Florida at the signing of th constitution?

Florida was owned by Spain, and Louisiana was owned by France in 1787.

Which country claimed the largest territory that later became part of the USA?

I'm fairly sure it is a close call between France & Spain, as France had the Louisiana territory, and Spain had both California & Florida territories.

Which controlled the Louisiana Territory until 1800?

France, until 1802 when they mad a secret agreement with spain

How did France get Louisiana after 1783?

Louisiana was ceded to France by Spain.

Was the Louisiana Territory purchased from Spain?

No. The United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France. Spain once owned Louisiana as a result of the Treaty of Paris in 1763. But, the French got it back with a secret treaty in 1800. Presient Jefferson used the Louisiana Purchase as a result, gaining much land.

Why was the transfer of Louisiana from France to Spain done in secret?

So if French lose land brisket would

How does Spain acquire Louisiana?

Louisiana was a French territory purchased by United States in 1803; Louisiana was not a Spanish territory.

What country owned all the land in the Louisiana Territory before Thomas Jefferson purchased it?

France as it was transfered to France from Spain and later bought by the US.

Spain gave the Louisiana Territory to France who sold it to the US because it needed money to finance what?

its military campaigns in Europe

What country owned the Louisiana Purchase when the states signed the Constitution?

France Not France. During the time period when the United States signed the Constitution, Spain owned the Louisiana Territory. France later gained the territory shortly before President Thomas Jefferson made the decision to buy it.

What territory did Spain receive at the conclusion of the Seven Years' War?

The 1763 Treaty of Paris formally concluded the Seven Years' War. In the provisions, France ceded Louisiana to her ally, Spain. The Spanish would later return the territory to France.

What are the boundaries of the Louisiana Territory?

inbetween the oregon country, spain territory and illinois territory and mississippi territory.

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