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Q: When did Stardoll create a Miss Stardoll Word voting?
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How do you make a background for presentation in stardoll?

You need Microsoft word 2007, and firefox, just create your presentation on word (make sure its 2007 version) and DRAG an DROP your creation from word onto the stardoll presnetation bit, click save an your done

How do you get different size writing on your presentation on stardoll?

you can create your presentation on Stardoll on 2007 Microsoft Word or you go to the bottom of your presentation and click on the thing that says "Styles" or it might be "Sizes" I'm really not sure...

How do you do a stardoll presentation?

You need, Microsoft word 2007 and firefox, create you presentation on MS word and then log into your stardoll account, then just drag on drop the created presentation onto the stardoll presentation, and your done!, just remember not to copt and paste or just click, you need to drag and drop, that is why you need firefox as it wont let you do it on any other internet

What is the German word for stardoll?


What is the root word for miss?

There is no root word in miss.

What is the Kikuyu word for the English word miss?

The Kikuyu word for the English word miss is "-chelewa."

What is the code when you sms for stardoll superstar?

They will send you a txt msg that contains the code once you send the word DOLL to the number on stardoll from your mobile.

How do you use the word voting in a sentence?

People who have the right to do so, should be voting in elections.

What is the modern word for ye?

the any1 on stardoll my name is saumifun check me

What is another word for precinct?

Voting district

What is another word for a pointless task?


What is the Abaluhya word for miss?

The Abaluhya (Luhya) term for the English word 'miss' is "omukhayee".

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