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When did Tore Gjelsvik die?


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Tore Gjelsvik died in 2006.


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Tore Gjelsvik was born in 1916.

Nikolaus Gjelsvik died in 1938.

Olav Gjelsvik was born in 1956.

Nikolaus Gjelsvik was born in 1866.

N. Gjelsvik has written: 'Den norske privatrets Laere om Vildfarelsens'

Nikolaus Mathias Gjelsvik has written: 'Innleiding i rettsstudiet' -- subject(s): Jurisprudence

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Tore Keller died in 1988.

Tore Svensson died in 2002.

Tore Tønne died in 2002.

Tore Edman died in 1995.

Tore Ljungqvist died in 1980.

Tore Holm died in 1977.

Tore Uppström died in 2006.

Tore Sjöstrand died in 2011.

Tore Blom died in 1961.

Tore A. Liltved died in 2004.

Maria Tore Barbina died in 2007.

Tore Hamsun died on January 10, 1995.

Tore Karte died on September 9, 2002.

Tore Hedin died on 1952-08-22.

Tore Falch Nilsen died in 2008.

Tore Bernt Ramton died in 2010.

Elihan Tore died on 1976-02-28.

Tore Foss died on August 7, 1968, in Norway.

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