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Q: When did Tris listen with empathy in Divergent?
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Did Tris kill Will in Divergent or Insurgent?

Tris unintentionally killed Will in Divergent, somewhere in the end of the book.

Who does Tris love in Divergent?

Tris loves her Dauntlessinstructor Tobias (Four) in Divergent.

Who does Tobias end up with in Divergent?

Tobias dates Tris in the Divergent series.

Who is tris from divergent?

Tris is the main character of divergent, otherwise known as Beatrice Prior.

Who plays Tris in the movie Divergent?

Shailene Woodley plays Tris (Beatrice) in the Divergent movie.

Do Tris and Four get married?

Tris and Four, from the Divergent series of books, do not get married.

Who is tris prior?

Tris Prior is the most important main character of Divergent.

Did Tris from Divergent die?


Is Four divergent or just Tris?

Four isn't actually Divergent, he just has (for lack of a better word) symptoms of being Divergent, such as being aware during simulations.

Divergent Does tris survive initiation?

yes tris does survive initiation and she becomes a member of dauntless

Who played Tris in Divergent?

shailene woodly

Do the point of views switch between Tobias and Tris in the third divergent book?

Yes, the point of views switch between Tris and Tobias in the third Divergent book, which is Allegiant.

What happened between Molly and Tris in Divergent?

Molly makes fun of Tris' childish body and during fights, Tris beats the crap out of Molly.

In the book divergent What is the name of the first person that tris was assigned to fight?

Tris was assigned to fight Peter first.

Who is the protagonist in the novel Divergent?

The protagonist in Veronica Roth's Divergentis Beatrice "Tris" Prior.

What page does Tris get her first tattoo in Divergent?

Page 90

Who is the most popular girl character?

Tris prior from divergent. :)

What is a difference between Tris and Tobias in Divergent?

For starters, Tobias was abused as a child and Tris wasn't. Tobias is physically strong as well.

How does Tris act like on divergent?

Tris acts like herself, and she truly represents her aptitude test results. She got abnegation, erudite, and dauntless. Tris is selfless, smart, and courageous.

How are Tris and Four in Divergent alike and different?

They were both born in Abnegation and both of their test results came up as Divergent

Does Tris get her hair cut in Divergent?

Yes, her mother cuts it in the beginning of Divergent. She also cuts her own hair at the beginning of Insurgent.

Who commits suicide in the book Divergent?

Al, a fellow transfer with Tris

What is the conflict in Divergent?

In Divergent, much of the conflict revolves around Tris coming to terms with her identity as a member of her chosen faction as well as an individual who is Divergent in her society.

What happens to Tris's bed in Divergent?

Peter spray-paints the word 'stiff' on it.

What is the intro of the book Divergent?

The intro is Tris getting her hair cut by her mother.