When did Victor Frankenstein was born and die?

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Mary Shelley intentionally left the dates vague to promote the idea of mystery and gothic themes, and to make it so you couldn't pinpoint right when he lived.
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When was Victor Frankenstein born?

victor frankenstein was born in 1770 but when he died was uknown because his family couldn't afford a death certificate

In Frankenstein who is Victor?

Victor von Frankenstein is the creator of the monster (who has no name) in the story. He made the monster.

What was Victor Frankenstein situation in Frankenstein?

He wants to create life (influenced by his mothers death) and takes parts from dead corpses. He completely cuts contact from his family and fiancee and makes this monster. Wh
In Frankenstein

How does victors mother die in Frankenstein?

When her adopted daughter, Elizabeth, contracts the scarlet fever, she nurses her back to health. However, the effort and time weakens Victor's mother and she gets the fever f
In Frankenstein

How does frankenstein meet victor Frankenstein?

Frankenstein meets victor Frankenstein when it/he was created because when he awoke victor came up to him to tell him what his purpose was.