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When did Walter 'Foots' Thomas die?

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Walter 'Foots' Thomas died in 1981.

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Walter 'Foots' Thomas was born in 1907.

Walter Aubrey Thomas died in 1934.

Walter Thomas Mills died in 1942.

Thomas Walter Bickett died in 1921.

Thomas Walter Mitchell died in 1984.

Thomas Walter Harding died in 1927.

Walter Thomas Monnington died in 1976.

Thomas Walter Swan died in 1975.

David Walter Thomas died in 1905.

Thomas Walter Scott died on 1938-03-23.

Thomas Ustick Walter died on 1887-10-30.

Walter Thomas James Morgan died on 2003-02-10.

Walter Thomas McGovern was born in 1922.

Walter Aubrey Thomas was born in 1859.

Walter Babington Thomas was born in 1919.

Walter Thomas Mills was born in 1856.

Thomas Walter Bickett was born in 1869.

Thomas Walter Mitchell was born in 1906.

Thomas Walter Harding was born in 1843.

Walter Thomas Monnington was born in 1902.

Thomas Walter Jennings was born in 1917.

Thomas Walter Swan was born in 1877.

David Walter Thomas was born in 1829.

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