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When did child labor start in china?

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The 1700's

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When did China labor start in China?

when did china labor start

Is child labor worldwide?

yes child labor is worldwide.......there is still child labor in Africa china and a lot of other places

Are their any places with child labor?

Yup, many places, the major countries with child labor are China and India.

How old does a child have to work in child labor?

a child should start working at the age of 14 according to the child labor .

Where did child labor start?

In the United States of America Child Labor originated in Asia, such as sweat shops and child neglect.

What countries still have child labor?

Some countries that still have child labor are Taiwan, China, India, Pakistan, Africa, & Vietnam.

When did child labor start?

At the dawn of men.

What is child labor and when did it start?

when a child under the age of 15 is working

What were some examples of technologies in china?

most technologies in China are powered by large forces of child labor

How did child labor first start?

because i did their moms

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