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they have been singing together as the Jonas brothers for about 3 years

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When did the Jonas Brothers start singing?

The Jonas Brothers mom Denise has said that Nick started singing before he could even talk.Kevin and Joe started singing in church when they were little.

When did Jonas Brothers start singing?

Trick question - they can't sing.

How many years have the Jonas Brothers been singing?

=The Jonas Brothers have been singing for 3 years.=

How did Joe Jonas start singing?

All three of the Jonas Brothers started singing in their church choir, and Nick Jonas was the first to get a record deal after being discovered in a barber shop. The other two brothers were signed as well once it was found that they had talent as well.

Famous brothers that sing?

The Jonas Brothers are currently in the spotlight as famous singing brothers.

How many easrs has the Jonas Brothers been together?

the Jonas brothers really are brothers but they have been singing together for 6 years

What year did the Jonas brothers start there band in?

they started the band in 2005 but they've been singing all their life

How were the Jonas Brothers noticed?

The Jonas Brothers were dicovered by a talent seeker when Nick Jonas was singing at a barber shop while getting a haircut.

Are the Jonas Brothers awsom?

The Jonas Brothers are beyond awesome in their singing, songwriting, attitude, and just about every way possible.

Do the Jonas Brothers sing a lot?

obviously they are a singing group!!!

Jonas brothes vs Zac Efron in singing?

JONAS BROTHERS! zac efron's mainly an actor and the Jonas brothers are mainly singers but they both can do both!

Why did the Jonas Brothers break-up?

The Jonas Brothers did not and are not going to break up. Nick has a solo project because the songs that he is singing with Nick Jonas and The Administration are not the right sound and feel for the Jonas Brothers.

What the song that Jonas brother like?

the Jonas brothers like superstition by Stevie wonder if you go on youtube and type " Jonas brothers singing superstition with Stevie wonder"

Has the Jonas brothers ever cuss?

Yes Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers did indeed cuss due to singing one of the songs as being a member of the DNCE group.

Can the Jonas Brothers really sing?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers can really sing. They are not lip synching or editing their voices. It is really the boys who are singing.

How long were the Jonas brothers a band for?

Their whole life, they are a singing family!

What does Kevin Jonas do?

Kevin Jonas is a member of the band The Jonas Brothers. He plays guitar and does some singing sometimes. He also has two brothers named Nick and Joe Jonas. They are all in the band.

Who is singing higher love with Jonas brothers?

nick jonas. He said to be the hottest, best musician and singer.

Backstreet Boys toured with Jonas Brothers?

NO! The backstreet boys are soooo outdated! They are not singing anymore! The Jonas brothers have NEVER toured with the backstreet boys!

Which of these Jonas brothers started in Broadway?

Nick started doing Broadway and singing and then his brothers joined him later on .

How did Selena gomez start singing?

Selena Gomez started singing in 2008. Her first appearance in a music video, \'Burnin\' Up\' by Jonas Brothers. After that, she did several cover songs for various movies.

How where the Jonas Brothers decuferd?

Nicholas (Nick) Jonas, was at a hair dresser and he tried to entertain the other kids , so he started singing, and there was a music directer there, and gave Denise Jonas a card , later on his other brothers joined and they became the Jonas Brothers

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