When did dominion of Canada change to Canada?

Canada officially became a country on July 1, 1867. The term "Dominion" is simply a historical reference to Section 3 of the British North America Act: "one dominion under the name of Canada". Canada was never known officially as "The Dominion of Canada". It found its way into popular venues such as paper currency and school maps. However, on Canadian bills it was meant as "The Dominion Under Canada" and on school maps as "The Queen's Dominion of Canada". It is difficult to say when it stopped being used as it was never really a true title. However, after independent Canadian citizenship was created in 1947 the word "dominion" quickly began to fall out of favour with the public. However, if one really needed to pin down a specific date for the fazing out of the term "dominion" it would be November 8, 1951. On this date, Prime Minister Louis St.Laurent stated in the House of Commons "I can say at once that it is the policy of this government when statutes come up for review or consolidating to replace the word 'dominion' with the word 'Canada.'''.