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Earle dickson got married in......1917, to Josephine France knight.

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Q: When did earle dickson get married?
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Where did Earle Dickson get married?


Was rosmary dickson married to earle dickson?

no his wife was josephine knight

What invention was earle dickson famous for?

Earle Dickson invented the band aid.

When earle dickson was born?

Earle Dickson was born Oct. 10, 1892.

Who was Earle Dickson parents?

marry dickson and john dickson

Who invented band aids?

Earl Dickson

How old was earle dickson when he invented the band aid?

Earle Dickson was about 26 when he invented the Band-Aid

What year was the Bandaid invented by Earle Dickson?

Earle Dickson invented the bandaide in 1921, so I'm told.

How old was earle dickson when he died?

Earle Dickson was 69 when he died on Septmeber 21, 1961, in Brunswick, New Jersey.

Who inspired earle dickson?

his wife

Who invented bandages?

Earle Dickson

When were band-aids invented?

They were invented in 1921 by Earle Dickson.