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Helen Keller graduated from Radcliffe College in 1904.

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Q: When did helen keller graduate Radcliffe college?
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Which college did Helen Keller graduate from?

Radcliffe College

What school did Helen Keller graduate from?

Helen Keller graduated with honors from Radcliffe College, which is now a part of Harvard University, in 1904.

What was Helen Keller first to do?

Helen Keller was the first deft and blind person to graduate from Radcliffe college.

Where did Helen Keller graduate from collage?

Hellen Keller went to Radcliffe College (BA)

What college did Helen Keller go to?

Helen Keller went to Radcliffe College.1922She went to Radcliffe College

Where did Helen go to college?

Helen Keller went to college at Radcliffe college

How old was Helen Keller when she went to college?

Helen Keller was 20 years old when she entered Radcliffe College in 1900.

When did Helen Keller start going to college?

Helen Keller entered Radcliffe college in the fall of 1900.

What did 'Helen Keller' do in Radcliffe College?

She studied

Where did Helen Keller get her diploma?

Radcliffe college

What college di Helen Keller go to?

Radcliffe College

How old was Helen Keller when she graduate?

Helen Keller graduated Radcliffe College in 1904 at the estimated age of 24.She graduated with B.A degree or a Bachelor Arts degree and the title of the first deaf-blind person to graduate collage.