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When did jean nicollet die?

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I'm not sure 1998-1642 French explorer in the old Northwest

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What was jean nicollet discover in France?

Jean nicollet was born in cherbourg ;france

Where was jean nicollet born?

Jean Nicollet was born in Normandy, the Cherbourg region, France.

Did Jean Nicollet arrive to Quebec on a boat?

No he arrive at Quebec by a train.

When did Joseph Nicollet die?

Joseph Nicollet died on September 11, 1843 at the age of 57.

Statue of Jean Nicolet?

I think Statue of Jean Nicollet is in Red Banks Wisconsin or its in the Wequiock Falls Park

Why did jean Nicollet come to Michigan?

he came to michigan to explore new colonies

Who is jean nicollet?

Well, Jean Nicollet is a French Explorer who was born November 1, 1598. He was born in Normandy, the Cherbourg Region in France. He explored for France. I'm not to sure if he paid for the exploring trips. But, I hope I helped you.

How did jean nicollet die?

If you are referring to the French explorer (who explored what is today Wisconsin), he accidentally drowned in 1642 when his boat overturned during a gust of wind.

When did Jean nicolet explore Wisconsin?

Jean Nicollet was a French explorer, and he was the first European to go through the Great Lakes and discover what is now called Wisconsin. He discovered Wisconsin in 1954.

When was Joseph Nicollet born?

Joseph Nicollet was born on July 24, 1786.

What has the author Nicollet written?

Nicollet. has written: 'Pierre-Marie Jamet presente Nicollet, peinture' -- subject(s): Catalogs, French Figurative art

What European country explored the Great Lakes and the Mississippi valley?

France. Jean nicollet and other explorers explored the great lakes and the missipi valley

How old was Joseph Nicollet at death?

Joseph Nicollet died on September 11, 1843 at the age of 57.

When was Nicollet Mall - Metro Transit station - created?

Nicollet Mall - Metro Transit station - was created in 2004.

How old is Joseph Nicollet?

Joseph Nicollet was born on July 24, 1786 and died on September 11, 1843. Joseph Nicollet would have been 57 years old at the time of death or 229 years old today.

When did Jean-Baptiste Jean die?

Jean-Baptiste Jean died in 2002.

Who was the first European to sail the grate lakes?

Jean Nicollet was the first European who travel through the Great Lakes area. he was a French explorer who visited the Lake Michigan that possibly reached the Mississippi River.

What year did the Target store open on nicollet mall in Minneapolis?

The Target store located at 900 Nicollet Mall, downtown Minneapolis, opened mid-October, 2001.

When did Jean Ritchie die?

Jean Ritchie is alive.

When did Jean Devanny die?

Jean Devanny died in 1962.

When did Jean Glover die?

Jean Glover died in 1801.

When did Jean Rédélé die?

Jean Rédélé died in 2007.

When did Jean Decoux die?

Jean Decoux died in 1963.

When did Jean d'Yd die?

Jean d'Yd died in 1964.

When did Jean Herbert die?

Jean Herbert died in 1980.

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