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The last Marlin made shotgun was the Model 512 slugmaster,which was made from 1999-2001. After that Marlin made no more shotguns.

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Q: When did marlin stop making shotguns?
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When did they stop making side by side shotguns?

Side-by-side shotguns are still manufactured.

When did they stop making bolt action shotguns?

They are still being made

When did they stop making westernfield shotguns?

who makes the westernfield model m550a 12ga shotgun

When did they stop making Browning A5 light 12 Ga shotguns?

Not enough profit.

How Old Are Marlin Pump Action 12Guage Shot Guns?

The Marlin firearms company produced pump action shotguns from 1898(the Marlin model 1898)all the way up to 1985(The model 120 Magnum shotgun).during that time span Marlin made 17 different model pump action shotguns.

Who makes American Arms Inc Shotguns?

Either them or Marlin (1901 on)

What years did marlin make 20 gauge over under double barrel shotguns?

20 gauge marlin ou 2 triggers

What year did Browning stop making breakaway 12 Gauge shotguns?

Unsure of your meaning of "break away shotgun". If you mean breakdown shotguns like double barrels they continue to make several different models.

What is the value of marlin shotgun serial number 24140524?

This cannot be answered without you providing a detailed description of the shotguns overall condition,and the model of Marlin shotgun that you have.

Chicago Arms Co shotgun Model A-G?

Slide action shotguns with the name CHICAGO ARMS CO were made by the Marlin Fire Arms Company for and were sold by either the Fred Biffar & Co or Sears Roebuck & Co both of Chicago,IL. The gun is the same as Marlin Model 26A. Do not attempt to shoot this gun!!! Marlin has put out a company bulletin advising that these old Marlin slide action shotguns are not safe to shoot.

What year did wester auto stop making rifles?

Western Auto never made rifles- or shotguns. A number of gun makers- notably Savage, Springfield, Mossberg, Marlin and Winchester made what were known as "Hardware" guns. Rather than being marked as a Savage or Marlin, they were marked with Western Auto's brand- Revelation. Western Auto quit carrying firearms in the late 60s/ early 70's if I recall correctly, after the 1968 Gun Control Act went into force.

When did sears start stop making 12 gauge shotguns?

Sears never made firearms. They "branded" firearms from firearms makers with their name as part of a contract.

What ever happened to American Arms Inc and are their shotguns available through another vendor?

They were purchased by Marlin @ 1901.

Where could you find information about Marlin old 12Gage Pump shotguns model 10-s serial number A11908 Paton 1906?


Where can you find the model and value of 2 12 gauge pump hammer action Marlin shotguns in nice condition serial nos 531 and 109301?

Check out a copy of Fjestad's Blue Book of Gun Values in your local library or book store. It will give you current values for old Marlin pump action shotguns.

What is a Marlin model 59 Olympic 410worth?

Marlin Model 59 were single shot blt action shotguns that were produced in .410 only. Marlin manufactured less than 50,000 units. Value at 95% is about $150 to $175. I believe they were all choked in Full.

What years were marlin glenfield model 50 12 ga shotguns made?

1997-1999 for the Model 50 DL.

Who makes Marlin's L C Smith shotguns?

The O/U is made by Fausti in Italy and the SxS is made in Spain.

How far does the hammer on a 22 cal marlin shot gun pull back to cock?

We may have a failure to communicate. Almost ALL .22s are rifles, not shotguns (there ARE a very few .22 shotguns, but are quite scarce) And Marlin made several dozen different model .22 rifles. Which model? Bolt action, lever action, semi auto, pump? My Marlin 39A rifle, which has an exposed, external hammer (most are internal) moves through an arc of about an inch.

Why is Marlin Rifle Company making rifle and not sell that cal ammo?

marlin 35 cal. lever action. rifle/ Marlin makes the rifle ,but not the ammo for it.

Did marlin make the national fire arms pump shotguns?

I am not sure, but most of what I have read on the net leads me to believe that Marlin made National fire arms designs after National fire arms closed down. I have a National Fire arms 12 ga. pump, and it has absolutely no markings that indicate marlin had anything to do with it.

Who made Ranger over and under shotguns?

Marlin. The Ranger 103-1 O/U shotgun was Sears' name for the Marlin Model 90. Sears used the Ranger name prior to WWII and JC Higgins after WWII. The Ranger 103-xx and the Marlin model 90 were introduced in 1937.

What is current value of a Marlin 1898 or 1899 pump shotgun that has been refinished?

Since Marlin didn't amke a 1899, it is most likely an 1898. These old Marlin shotguns never had a lot of value in good shape, and refinished they would be less. I see very nice ones going in the $200 range, and average or less in the $75-$100 range. I would guess a refinished will bring something in the average range. Marlin sent out a bulletin stating these early exposed hammer shotguns should not be fired, regardless of the ammo used. That has relegated them to wallhangers for most owners. Some diehard fans refuse to accept this, and continue to use these old Marlin pumps at their own risk.

When did marlin start making the model 30aw?

In 1983.

When was your marlin 19 G with serial number A18428?

The Marlin model 19 consisted of 4 different models,the model 19D,19G,19N,19S.This shotgun was a improved and lightened model of the model 1898 shotgun.These shotguns were made from 1906-1907.