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When did peter van pels die?

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Peter Van Pels died in May 5th 1945 after a death march, just three days before they liberated the camp.

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He died in Mauthausen.

Peter van Pels's birth name is Peter Aron van Pels.

It is Peter Van Pels, Anne was hiding his true identity in her diary "Kitty"

peter van pels hid with anne frank and was supposedly annes bf.

*Herman Van Pels *Auguste Van Pels *Peter Van Pels *Fritz Pfeffer

Peter van Pels died of exhaustion after a death march from Auschwitz to Mauthausen.

Peter Van Pels was a boy who lived in "the secret annex" with Anne Frank and her family. Van Pels' father was Hermann Van Pels. He worked with Anne's father, so that was why the Franks' brought the Van Pels with them into their hiding place.

Hermann Van Pels, Peters full name is Peter Van Pels not Van Dann, its a name Anne gave

Yes. The family's actual name was "van Pels", but in her diary, Anne gave them pseudonyms, such as "van Dann" for "van Pels".

Peter van pels was sixteen when he went into hiding.

Peter Van Pels was 18 years old when he died, in May, 1945 in the Mauthausen concentration camp.

No, Peter van Pels died shortly before liberation at the Matthausen concentration camp of undetermined causes.

Peter van PelsHermann and Auguste van PelsFritz Pfeffer

May 5, 1945, according to the Red Cross

Peter Van Pels was sent to Auschwitz concentration camp and later died after being gassed in the "shower" Peter Van Pels was sent to Auschwitz concentration camp and later died after being gassed in the "shower"

the van pels family which included auguste van pels (the mother), hermann van pels (the father), and peter van pels (the son). There was also a family friend in hiding with them named Alfred Dussel.

The Franks lived with the van Pels family, including Peter van Pels, Augustine van Pels, and Hermann van Pels. They also lived with Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist, and Peter's cat, Mouschi.

Margot Frank, Edith Frank-Hollander, Otto Frank, Hermann van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer.

It was Otto, Edith, Margo, and Anne Frank, but Fritz Pfeffer, Mr. Van Pels, Mrs. Van Pels, and Peter Van Pels did also.

Pete "van Daan's" real name was Peter van Pels.

Mrs van pels died in 1945 at a consentration camp

Mr. Van Pels, Mrs. Van Pels, Peter Van Pels, Margot Frank, Edith Frank, Otto Frank and a dentist friend.

Anne's mother, father and sister (Edith Frank, Otto Frank and Margot Frank), a dentist called Fritz Pfeffer (who is called Albert Dussel in the book), and the van Pels family: Auguste van Pels (called Petronella van Daan in the book), Hermann van Pels (Hermann van Daan) and Peter van Pels (Peter van Daan).

i believe that Peter Van Pels was 16 or 18 years of age