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Where is the University of Alabama?


How did T. Eugene Connor react to civil rights marchers in Birmingham Alabama?

He ordered the use of police dogs and fire hoses against the marchers.

Who was involved in bloody Sunday in Selma Alabama in 1965?

lead marchers were ; John lewis and Hosea Williams

What Alabama city saw state troopers attack Civil Rights marchers on Edmund Pettis Bridge?


Why were many Americans shocked by the news coverage of freedom marches in Birmingham Alabama?

Americans were shocked that police used dogs and fire hoses on marchers.

Why were many americans shocked by the news coverage of freedom marches in birmingham alabama-?

Americans were shocked that police used dogs and fire hoses on marchers

How long does it take to drive from Birmingham Alabama to Jacksonville Alabama?

According to MapQuest, it will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to travel from Birimingham, Alabama to Jacksonville, Alabama. Travel time may vary depending on different routes taken, driving speed, weather, traffic, and various other factors.

When did the Montgomery City buses become desegregated?

In January of 1959 desegregation on buses in Montgomery, Alabama ended. A group of ministers challenged the segregation law and the federal district court ruled in favor of the ministers.

Who as the police chief of Birmingham Alabama became a symbol of bigotry by fighting against integration by using fire hoses and police attack dogs against protest marchers?

Eugene "Bull" Conner

Who are the remaining unbeaten teams in college football today '?

Alabama,Alabama, Alabama and Alabama

Where did Alabama get it name?

Alabama got it name from the alabama river.

What are 3 universitys in Alabama?

University of Alabama Auburn University Samford University Alabama A&M University of North Alabama University of West Alabama University of South Alabama Alabama State University University of Mobile

What Borders Alabama?

Other states tend to border Alabama. Florida is south of Alabama, Tennessee is north of Alabama and Georgia is east of Alabama.

Why did they call the state Alabama Alabama?

Alabama was named after the Alabama River. The Alabama River was named after a tribe of Native Americans called the Alibamu.

Where in Alabama is the Alabama space and rocket center?

It is in Huntsville, Alabama

What is the province of Alabama?

There is no province of Alabama. Alabama is a U.S. state.

What was the Alabama Exploration?

The Alabama Exploration is exactly what it sounds like. The Alabama Exploration was an exploration of the state of Alabama.

What city is the University of Alabama in?

The University of Alabama is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which is about 45 minutes from Birmingham, Alabama.

Is the University of Alabama the same as the Alabama State Univerisity?

no it isn't! The University of Alabama is the "big" college in Alabama

What events led up to the passing of the law of the voting rights act?

One event that led to the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was The Selma March. The Selma March took place in Alabama and was used to call attention to the voting rights issue. The walk was from Selma to the state capital. After marchers set out and were attacked, President Johnson put the Alabama National Guard under federal control. When the march reached Montgomery its ranks were up to about 25,000 people. Hope this helped!

What city is Alabama State located?

Montgomery,Alabama Montgomery,Alabama

Are there subways to take from Birmingham Alabama to tuscaloosa Alabama?

There are no subways in Alabama.

What ocean is in Alabama?

There are no oceans IN Alabama. Alabama borders the Gulf of Mexico.

What interstate do you take to get to Mobile Alabama from Birmingham Alabama?

Interstate 65 will take you from Mobile Alabama to Birmingham Alabama.

What was the football schedule of the university of Alabama in 1925?

Alabama 53, Union 0 Alabama 50, Birmingham-Southern 7 Alabama 42, LSU 0 Alabama 27, Sewanee 0 Alabama 7, Georgia Tech 0 Alabama 6, Mississippi State 0 Alabama 31, Kentucky 0 Alabama 34, Florida 0 Alabama 27, Georgia 0 Alabama 20, Washington 19 (Rose Bowl)

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