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When did proctor and gamble acquire wella ag?

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March of 2003 Acquisition announced on March 18th, 2003

2008-11-01 20:18:23
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Q: When did proctor and gamble acquire wella ag?
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What is the name of the compound Ag?

First, Ag is an element and not a compound at this form. Its name is silver

If ag plus is converted to ag has it gained or lost electrons?

Ag+ + e- --> Ag

Ag-Ag bond in Ag2?


What does the AG in Daimler AG mean?

AG = Aktiengesellschaft

What are the products of Ag HCl?

Ag doens't react with HCl. Ag + HCl --> Ag + HCl

How many moles of Ag contain 4.49 x1023 atoms Ag?

1 mole Ag = 6.022 x 1023 atoms Ag 4.49 x 1023 atoms Ag x 1mol Ag/6.022 x 1023 atoms Ag = 0.746 mole Ag

How many moles of Ag contain 4.4910e23 atoms Ag?

1 mole Ag = 6.022 x 1023 atoms Ag 4.4910 x 1023 atoms Ag x 1 mole Ag/6.022 x 1023 atoms Ag = 0.7468 mole Ag

Did proctor and gamble's stock rise with the purchase of Wella AG?

P&G Stock did indeed rise at the same time as the Wella acquisition was announced on March 18th, 2003. However P&G underperformed vs. the Dow Jones Index during the week of the acquisition (see below). It was generally felt P&G had paid too high a premium, and this reflected negatively on P&G Stock. This was further compounded when P&G had to raise its bid in an attempt to squeeze out the remaining stockholders. To this day, Wella remains an unsatisfactory acquisition for P&G. The Wella business has declined significantly, and has yet to reach pre-acquisition levels. One key reason for this is P&G's inability to integrate employees from outside into its own culture, frequently treating acquired employees as second class citizens. Of the ~ 17.000 Wella employees in 2003, it is estimated that less than 2.000 are left within P&G, largely in production and non-management roles. Closing prices in New York .......................P&G.....Dow Jones 14th Mar 03: 83,40 ... 7.859 17th Mar 03: 85,50 ... 8.141 18th Mar 03: 86,62 ... 8.194 19th Mar 03: 87,92 ... 8.265 20th Mar 03: 88,00 ... 8.286 21st Mar 03: 88,80 ... 8.522 Growth:..........5,5% ... 8,4%

How many moles are in 47.0 grams of Ag?

moles Ag=47 g Ag/107,8682= 0,436 mol Ag

What is element ag?

Ag (should not be written as ag) is the symbol of the element silver.

In SAP AG what is AG?

AG is short for Aktiengesellschaft

In Deutsche Bank AG what does AG stands for?

AG stands for Aktiengesellschaft = stock corporation.

What is the cation charge of Ag?

Ag (silver) forms only Ag+1 ion.

How many moles of Ag contains 4.59x1025 atoms of Ag?

76.2 mol Ag

How many moles of silver (Ag) are equivalent to 68.3 g Ag?

The equivalent of 68,3 g Ag is 0,633 moles.

How many moles in 25.5g Ag?

25,5 g Ag/107,8682= 0,236 mol Ag

How many grams are there in 2.3 x 10 24 atoms of silver?

2.3 x 1024 atoms Ag * (1 mol Ag/ 6.022 x 1023 atoms Ag)*(107.9 g Ag/mol Ag) =412.1 g of Ag

How many moles of silver (Ag) are present in a sample of 3.8 10 to the power of twenty four atoms Ag?

The answer is 6,31 moles Ag.

Why is 'Ag' the chemical symbol for silver?

"Ag" comes from the Latin name for silver, "argentum".

Which three Farm Credit Associations are located in Georgia?

Ag GA, Ag south, and Ag southwest.

How many moles of Ag contains 4.59 x 1025 atoms of Ag?

The answer is 76,22 mol Ag.

What does ag mean in EON AG?

AG is the German acronym for the expression stock company (Aktien Gesellschaft)

What element for Ag?

Ag is the symbol for the element silver. Ag is the abbreviation of the Latin name for silver, argentum.

What is the oxidation number for Ag in AgN03?

+1 for Ag

What is the meaning of AG in Pokemon AG?

Advanced Generation