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It was started in 1976 with the emergence of the Sex Pistols along with the Damned, the Stranglers and The Clash who were playing venues in and around London for most of that year before signing to various music labels Late 1976 early 1977. UK Punk Rock had it's roots initially in American bands such as the Ramones, The New York Dolls, Patti Smith, Blondie and Television. But the UK punk Rock explosion was a uniquely English affair that spawned many bands to emerge from it's outset such as The Buzzcocks, Sham 69, UK Subs and X-ray Spex who were directly influenced by the Sex Pistols famous Gigs, The Stranglers would go on to influence bands such as Joy Division and later U2. Whilst The Clash would take America by Storm and would influence bands on a far wider scale such as Oasis and the Stone Roses.

Punk Rock started in England right after the future members of the Sex Pistols and the Clash saw the Ramones' British tour in 1976; it all came from the Ramones, the first real Punk band (although the British tend to sweep this under the rug!). Dee Dee Ramone was Sid Vicious's idol, and a close friend.

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Where did country punk rock come from?

Punk rock originated in England.

Why did Punk Rock start?

punk rock started as a reaction to disco. disco was so flat and pop-ish that it pissed people off enough to start life changing bands.

Is the damned punk rock?

yes The Damned is punk rock punk rock was out in 1977 or late 70's

Is green day an emo band?

Green Day: 1990 - Punk/Rock 1992 - Punk/Rock 1994 - PUNK! 1995 - punk1997 - Same as 1995 2000 - Punk/Rock 2002 - Rock/Punk 2004 - alterantive 2009 - alternative/pop punk!no

Which group did for punk music in England what the Beatles did for rock n roll in America?

The Sex Pistols

Is green day a rock band or a punk band or neither?

They are punk rock, alternative rock, pop punk, rock, garage rock, new wave, and heavy metal.

Who is the god of punk rock Punk rock has no god.?

Sid vicious

What is punk rock picnic?

Punk rock picnic is basically a punk festival, where punks come to have fun.

Is The Offspring a punk rock band?

They could be considered punk rock, but are really more pop punk.

How do you say punk in German?

Punk, as in Punk Rock, is also Punk in German.

Where did punk rock first start?

The first known place where punk was born was in a club in New York called CBGB. The first punk bands that played there was The Ramones and The Stooges.

Is green day punk rock or just a rock band?

Rock. definitely rock and just punk. Just rock

Are the Gorillaz Punk Rock?

They are electronic, alternative rock, hip-hop, punk, psychedelic rock and rap rock.

When was The Punk Rock Movie created?

The Punk Rock Movie was created in 1978.

When was Punk Rock Payroll created?

Punk Rock Payroll was created in 2003.

When was Punk Rock Is Dead created?

Punk Rock Is Dead was created in 2005.

When was Punk Rock Songs created?

Punk Rock Songs was created in 1994.

What kind of band is green day?

their early music was punk rock now it is like pop rock or pop punk Their genre is punk rock but some of their songs have the pop punk style.

Is paramore a punk rock band?

No. GBH is a punk band, Paramore is a rock band.

Is Avril lavigne gothek?

NO! She is rock. She hates being called punk and punk rock.

What song has the words you and me punk rock girl?

punk rock girl by the dead milkmen.

When was Punk Rock Song created?

Punk Rock Song was created in 1995-10.

Is the rock better than cm punk?

Cm punk is better than the rock

What type of punk is green day?

Punk Rock.

Who created punk rock?

The Ramones, which are the kings of Punk