When did red pandas become endangered?

The red panda was first listed as vulnerable in 1994 and listed as endangered in 1996. The scientific name for the red panda is Ailurus fulgens.
The Red Panda, Lesser Panda, or the "Firefox" was originally listed by the IUCN Red List in 1988. The first status that this species was listed under was "Insufficiently Known", which isn't used as a title for a status now. Then in 1994 the status was changed to "Vulnerable". There was another change to the Red Panda's status in 1996, when it was listed as "Endangered". The most recent change has taken place in 2008 changing the Red Panda back to the status of "vulnerable". The species has been through much instability due to habitat loss, and is considered very difficult to survey due to it's mountainous regions and it's own shy nature. It doesn't meet the updated requirements for the "endangered" status. For more details, please see sites listed below.