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When did red pandas become extinct?


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The Red Panda is not extinct yet, but there is only around about 2500 Red Panda adults now and they are endangered.


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No, lesser (or red) pandas are not extinct.

Of course not, red pandas are a unique creature and the world need as much diversity as possible.

then there would only be blue pandas no their would only be giant pandas and they would go extinct right after red pandas.

No but they are endangered.

Pandas started to be extinct in 1988

If we all did what I do, pandas would have been extinct a long time ago.

no, only the cute, big, chubby GIANT PANDAS! :'(

It is really hard to see if the Red Panda will become extinct, but the way it is going at the moment, it will. Because of those selfish poachers, they may die out if we don't do somthing more drastic. Hope this helps =)

well giant pandas are NOT EXTINCT they are just endangered there are 1,500 left in the whole world, help save them!

Pandas are not extinct.

Red pandas do probably live together. However, it can sometimes take a year or more for them to fall in love and breed. As I believe, red pandas usually breed in May and March. Many pandas are now disappearing and if they don't breed there is an opportunity for those sweet cuddly creatures to become extinct.Thanks for reading my answer.

Yes they are. No, they are not endangered, but threatened.

it is not likely that they become extinct :). sorry... no one has really researched that.

They officially became extinct in 1984. Actually the pandas are not even extinct yet they are endangered. There is a big difference.

Yes they are, there is approximately 2500 Red Pandas left.

Because giant pandas are endangered species! They could become extinct!

There is no certain answer, but people are trying to do things about it. Though there are only 1000 giant pandas out in the wild, and 2500 red pandas, if we are lucky, they won't go extinct. But as I say, there is no certain answer.

The red panda first become endangered in 1996. As of June 2014, there are only 2,500 or so left in the wild and they have become extinct in several of the Chinese provinces.

Because there becoming extinct because they re getting hunted for there soft fur

Pandas are endangered, but not extinct.

No, Pandas are endangered but not extinct.

when were red kites almost extinct

Pandas are not extinct, but they are endangered. This is because people are cutting down bamboo that pandas eat to make farms.

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