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une 7, 1997 end of special delivery mail in usa

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Q: When did special delivery mail end?
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What is a type of mail service that begins with the letters spec?

Special Delivery

What are some of the benefits of using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service?

There are a number of benefits to using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service. Some of the benefits include next day delivery, online proof of delivery, compensation, Saturday delivery and money-back guarantee if your parcel does not arrive at its location on time.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fe-mail Special Delivery - 1965?

The cast of Fe-mail Special Delivery - 1965 includes: Hoboken Clarke Denine Dubois Randy Glen The Hollywood Nudie Beauties

What is the definition of mailing notation?

The mailing notation describes the means of delivery. For example, certified mail, registered mail, special delivery, airmail, or on-arrival instructions, such as personal or confidential.

What types of mail are there?

e-mailletterstextsbbm -blackberry mesenger-post-cardspriority mail first classmail bulkrate mail special delivery mailovernightmailsecondclass mail thirdclass mail junck mail.

Is first class mail trackable?

Normal Royal Mail first class services are not trackable. First class 'signed for' services are tracked upon delivery and 'Special delivery' services are tracked throughout the delivery process.

When did Saturday mail delivery end?

It hasn't. Today is a federal holiday and no mail just for today.

What are Royal mail delivery times?

Sameday = Same Day Special Delivery™ 9.00am = 1 day Special Delivery™ Next Day = 1 day First Class = 1-2 days Second Class = 3+ days Standard Parcels = 3+ days Royal Mail Heavyweight = 7 days

Is there mail delivery on Memorial Day?

No, there is no mail delivery on Memorial Day.

Is there mail delivery in West Virginia today?

Yes, we have mail delivery.

Is there mail delivery Feb 21 2011?

No mail delivery today February 21, 2011

Is there mail delivery on 1-2-2012?

There will be no mail delivery on 1-2-2012, it is a Federal Holiday.