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Blues as a musical form began in the late 19th century, probably in the 1990's, and was first played by Afro-American itinerant workers in the Mississippi delta region.

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Who was the first person to play blues music?

Who first played blues music is next to impossible to find. it came from the slaves working in the fields and gospel music the first blues sheet music was Hart Wands "Dallas Blues" in 1912

When was blues music founded?

James corbinque was the first founder of the blues music and wrote the first song about blues, which was lost in a ship accident on the way to japan

When was the first to recording of blues music?

The year in which the first blues recording happened in 1895.

Who first played the blues music?

the blues come from African- American

When did blues music first come into existence?

The blues music came into existence many years ago.

Who was the composer who first popularized the blues with memphis blues and St. Louis blues?

Jemima Harvey was the first African-American artist who really popularized blues music. She is a big role model to the blues music hall of fame.

Why is improvisation important to the blues music?

because when blues first started they improvised

What was the first label in jazz music?


When did the blues music come about How did the blues music become the blues music?

Know one nows much about the blues music .

When did blues music first come about and how?

helloooo , friend

Who were the people who first sang the blues music?

the drugos

What styles of music is the blues?

The Blues is a style of Music so The Blues

What is the difference between early blues music and modern blues music?

whats the difference between early blues music and modern blues music

When was the blues invented?

Blues and country music began similarly. The blues is said to be first heard in the 1920s, specifically in the South.

Where did the blues music come from?

First answer: Jamaica Second answer(edit): Actually, no, blues music did not come from Jamaica, but originated in Southern USA, in Louisiana.

What makes blues music blues music?

it is a sad type of music

How has blues affected jazz?

First of all, the jazz music was born at the end of the austrailan empire. The blues got passed on to jazz at various music festivals. At these festivals, musicians would combine jazz with blues music.

When did the blues music come out?

where did blues music come from?

What came first country music or the blues?

blues The best music historians can determine the blues began sometime after the American Civil War. Folk music dates back hundreds of years. This takes nothing away from the blues, a true American art form.

What kind of music is 'blues' music?

Blues is a type a slow jazz

What year did rhythm and blues first start?

Blues is unique people were slaves when they did it. their music gotn all around the world and the music is known as blues and rhythm. yo i dont know if its true.

What type of music did the blues sing?

The blues is a type of music

Who invented the blues?

The Blues music was first popularised by W.C. Handy, a black composer around 1911-1914. Blues was strongly influenced by Africans.

What are ten facts about blues music?

The term "the blues" refers to the "blue devils", which means sadness.Blues music originated in the United States.Blues music had a major influence over twentieth century music. There are several variations on blues style, mostly based on the geographical region the style originated in. Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, Texas Blues and Blues Rock are the four major kindsThe first recordings of blues music were from the early twentieth century, and the style seems to have originated in the deep south of the United States.The guitar is perhaps the most central instrument of blues music. The main three instruments used are the guitar, Banjo and Harmonica.The most popular piece of blues music is called the 12 bar blues.After the war, when the slaves became free, they congregated in the cities, solidifying their own culture and music.African American music

Where did blues music begin?

blues music came from Africa somewhere :)