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Most historians accept the year 1961 as the starting point.

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North Vietnam wanted to take over South Vietnam. North Vietnam was communist rule and South Vietnam was supported by us, the United States.

because they just wanted fight lol they retatred

They did not fight the Native Americans. The fighting with the Native Americans did not start till the Colonies from England and France started showing up.

The Vietnam war started in 1962. Because that is when it looked like South Vietnam was going to fall to communism

To prevent Communist North Vietnam from taking over the free Republic of South Vietnam.

1965 for the americans although conflicts started in 1959

Vietnam started because the United States did not want communism to spread. As a result they supplied South Vietnam militarily by sending them supplies.

The Union. They had a large economic advantage over the south at the start of the war. The North also enrolled a few African Americans in their army, while the South refused to let African Americans fight due to the possibility of a slave rebellion.

i9t ended because they did not want to risk anymore soldirs lives.

Eisenhower and Kennedy both sent military advisers to Vietnam, but the actual hot war for Americans began under Lyndon Johnson.

He didn't start "the war". He was held accountable for destroying a village in South Vietnam, he was later pardoned by President Nixon.

Vietnam war starts due to the abusive US exterior politics. Vietnam regime turned the country to the communism, spoiling all the US economic and political interests in the region. Therefore defending South Vietnam against the "tyranny of communism" US invaded North Vietnam.

Not just Vietnam, anywhere; it just so happened that the Reds were putting the most effort and violence into South Vietnam (RVN). They couldn't get enough steam to start one in Central or South America...or anywhere else. But it took hold in SEA (Southeast Asia).

One example: Lieutenants of Castro such as Che Guevara tried to start a "second" Vietnam in Central/South America; He was terminated by covert US forces.why do you think this happen

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The river's source is the Tibetan Plateau of China, and it ends at the South China Sea in southern Vietnam.

America start vietnam war! Ok boi! Vietnam no start nothing!

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Australia never fought Vietnam.

the tension between north and south came to a disagreement-north thought they deserved all of Vietnam and war was about to brake out south Vietnam asked America to help Lyndon b Johnson and Kennedy sent trainer to train the armies of the south soon that was not enough to help the southern Vietnamese people so troops were sent Vietnam. If one searches The Vietnam War and finds many start and end dates the reason for that is very simple. There was never an official start date of the war in Vietnam because war was never officially declared. America became very involved with the war in 1960. you check it out on CNN time line its pretty cool and simple find

Europe had the North Atlantic Teaty Organization (NATO), Asia had the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). The allies fighting in Vietnam were part of SEATO.

they were not allowed to go to most colleges in the South or North

The Vietnam War started in the year 1959.The Vietnamese War was one of the most brutal battles ever fought. It lasted for a period of 16 years. It exact date on which ceasefire was called was 30th of April 1959. The war was fought between DRV (democratic republic of Vietnam) and the 'Republic of Vietnam.' United States of America had allied with the Republic of Vietnam to fight the Vietnam war.