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The Vietnam War ended on April 30th, 1975.

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Q: When did the Vietnam war conflict come to an end?
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How did Vietnam conflict come to an end?

The north drove their tanks into the south's capital, winning the war.

Why is the conflict in Iraq similar to the conflict in Vietnam?

The US is NOT at war with Iraq. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

How did the conflict of world war 1 come to and end?

the conflict came to an end because Germany backed down

Were there any conflicts during the Vietnam War?

Certainly. A war is determined explicitly by the presence of conflict. If there was not conflict in Vietnam, there would not have been a war.

How did the the conflict of World War 1 come to a end?


What is a creative name for a Vietnam war project?

How about "Conflict and Combat: The Vietnam War"

Why did the United States invade North Vietnam when the war was going on?

how come the united states did not invade north vietnam to end the war

When did the Americans come into the Vietnam war?

1956; conventionally, 1964.

How did the Vietnam war come to an end?

NVA tanks invaded Saigon and captured that city (the capital of South Vietnam).

What was true about the end of the Vietnam War?

At the end of the Vietnam War, Congress refused to support South Vietnam any longer.

What were the results of the Vietnam conflict?

The North won the war.

What turned a minor conflict into a war at Vietnam?