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When did the BBC first show the Daleks in the British television series Doctor Who?

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The Daleks first appeared on the 21st November 1963, briefly as a "cliffhanger" ending to the episode 'The Dead Planet' - only the fifth Doctor Who episode. However, all that is seen at the end of this episode is the sucker arm.

In the next episode, 'The Survivors', the Daleks are seen in full for the first time. These two episodes, and the next five ('The Escape', 'The Ambush', 'The Expedition', 'The Ordeal' and 'The Rescue') make up a seven-part serial, most commonly referred to under the collective title of "The Daleks". The last of these episodes aired on 1st February 1964. The Daleks were the creation of a young Welsh writer by the name of Terry Nation, who had, just prior to his being commissioned to write for Dr Who, been submitting material for the comic, Tony Hancock. Nation's brief for the design of the Daleks was by no means comprehensive and the task of realising the monsters for the small screen fell to BBC designer, Raymond Cusick. It was he who came up with the now famous pepperpot shape etc. And it has to said that it was this unique alien design which popularised the Daleks as much as the name Dalek itself. The other feature of the Daleks which endeared them to the British viewers was of course their grating metallic voices. These were produced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's Brian Hodgson using a ring modulator, which treated the voices of the actors using it. The original Dalek voices were spoken by actors Peter Hawkins (of Bill and Ben, Captain Pugwash fame etc), and Gerry Anderson voice artiste, David Graham. They would both voice the metal meanies for all of William Hartnell's adventures featuring the monsters from Skaro. Roy Skelton later took over from Graham for the classic Troughton story "The Evil of the Daleks", and would remain the main voice of the Daleks throughout the remainder of the show's original run. The Dalek operators for that very first story included the late Robert Jewell, the late Kevin Manser, the late Michael Summerton and Peter Murphy (Murphy Grumbar).

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Is a dalek a type of fish?

no Daleks are "robots" from the television series Doctor Who

What will the next series of Doctor Who be about?

River song and the new daleks.

How many episodes of Doctor Who have the daleks been in?

The following is a list of Dr. Who episodes starring the Daleks taken from the related link below this answer box. There are 40 episodes in total.SEASON 1The DaleksSEASON 2The Dalek Invasion of EarthThe Space MuseumThe ChaseSEASON 3 Mission to the UnknownThe Daleks' Master PlanSEASON 4 The Power of the DaleksThe Evil of the DaleksSEASON 6 The War GamesSEASON 9Day of the DaleksSEASON 10 Frontier in SpacePlanet of the DaleksSEASON 11 Death to the DaleksSEASON 12 Genesis of the DaleksSEASON 17 Destiny of the DaleksSEASON 20 The Five DoctorsSEASON 21 Resurrection of the DaleksSEASON 22 Revelation of the DaleksSEASON 25 Remembrance of the DaleksTELEVISION MOVIE Doctor WhoSPECIALS The Curse of Fatal DeathSERIES 1DalekBad Wolf / The Parting of the WaysSERIES 2Army of Ghosts/ DoomsdaySERIES 3Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the DaleksSERIES 4The Stolen Earth/Journey's EndThe Next DoctorThe Waters of MarsSERIES 5The Eleventh HourThe Beast BelowVictory of the DaleksThe Pandorica Opens/The Big BangSERIES 6The Wedding of River SongSERIES 7Asylum of the DaleksThe Name of the Doctor

Who plays Katarina in the British science fiction television series Doctor who?

In the British science fiction television series Doctor Who Katarina was played by Adrienne Hill. She was the first companion of the Doctor to die on screen.

Will the daleks ever invade dorchester?

unlikely, but who knows with this new doctor who series.

What monsters are in Doctor Who series 6?

all i know is daleks and robot yetis

Are the daleks going to be in Doctor who series 5?

yes they are, and so are thw weeping angles.

In doctor who series 5 after the daleks will it be weeping angels?

yes, the weeping angels will be after the daleks. the angels will be in a 2 parter and after the angels, the next monster will be vampires

What monsters will return in series five of Doctor Who?

The Daleks (obviously) and the Weeping Angels are both in series five, and the Silurians from the classic series.

What does the term dalek mean?

Daleks are fictional extra-terrestial cyborgs in the British television series Dr. Who. These were first conceptualized by the science-fiction author Terry Nation.

Will the time war daleks be back in doctor who series 6?

Probably, theres no getting rid of the disco daleks, I bet no one can wait to see series 6 with Ikea daleks and new monsters (they are loved sooo much they wouldn't throw out davaros metal hands

What time is Doctor Who series 5 on?

6.30 tonight, Victory of the Daleks. They're all in different colours!

Most classic British TV series made barely a dozen episodes Which of these is the exception?

Doctor Who

Did daleks go extinct in series 4?

No , the daleks will never die!!

What will the Daleks do next in 'Doctor Who'?

In Victory of the Daleks, at the end, the Daleks fled. They were at the Pandorica, but we are still unsure of what they will do next. As well as the cracks in time, the 'silence', and what we will find out about River Song, we will probably find out in Series 6 as the story arc continues.

Who plays the daleks in Doctor Who?

Since the shows return in 2005 Nicolas Briggs has voiced all of the Daleks. In the classic series Peter Hawkins, David Graham and Roy Skelton did the voices.

What is that device Doctor Who from the British TV series always carries around?

It is his 'Sonic Screwdriver'. It does a lot of things.

What tv series is the novel All Consuming Fire based on?

The All Consuming fire is based on the long running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is an original novel based on this series.

TV series with a doctor and a dog?

Doctor Who

How many seasons of british tv series the office are there?

There were 2 seasons of the British TV series, "The Office."

What is the duration of Hunter British TV series?

The duration of Hunter - British TV series - is 2 hours.

When did Doctor Who appear in colour?

ON TV it was first transmitted in colour by the BBC On 3 January 1970 - The series was Spearhead from Space. However, the Doctor appeared in colour firstly on film in 1965 in the film Dr Who and the Daleks - This started Peter Cushion as the Dr

Why does Rose return in Doctor Who?

She returned at the end of series 4 to help save the universe from Davros and the Daleks and their reality bomb.

Where can you find information about TARDIS?

Information about tardis can be found on the British television series Doctor Who. Additional information can also be obtained from spin-offs of the series.

Who is the leader of the o daleks off doctor who?

Davros created them, however they tend to overthrow him. In the classic series they apparantly kill him, he turns up in a later episode though. In the 7th Doctor story 'Remembrance of the Daleks', there are two Dalek factions, Imperial Daleks under the Dalek Emperor, and Renegade Daleks under the Dalek Supreme. The Emperor in this case turns out to be Davros however. At the end of the 1st series of the rebooted Doctor Who, the Dalek Emperor is shown, he survived the Time War and rebuilt an army. They are destroyed by Rose Tyler however. During series 2 and 3, four other Daleks are shown to have survived the Time War. They are the Cult of Skaro, specially designated Daleks with their own names and imagination. They are lead by a black Dalek, Dalek Sec. In the 4th series, another Dalek force has been assembled, lead by a Supreme Dalek. Davros is here also, though he is simply being kept for his scientific expertise. In the 5th series, a 'New Paradigm' of Dalek is created. They are colour coded, the white one is the new Supreme Dalek. In series 7, 'Asylum of the Daleks', the Daleks have a parliament and a prime minister.