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The Battle of Britain started on 10th July 1940.

The Battle of Britain ended on 31st October 1940.

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Q: When did the Battle of Britan start and end?
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Who won the Battle of Britan in World War 1?

Britan won the battle.

What battle began on 10 July 1940?

the battle of Britan

Who started the battle at Valley Forge?


What type of battle was the battle of britan?

Germany vs Britain in the air.

When was The battle of britan?

The Battle of Britain occurred 10 July - 31 October 1940 .

What year was the battle of britan?

1940 Please see the link.

Who won the battle fought on D-Day?

Britan won

Why did battle of britan happen?

Because Germany wanted to invade Britain during WWII.

When did the Battle of Waterloo start and end?

The Battle of Waterloo was fought on June 18, 1815.

What did Hitler have to win in order to invade Britain?

The Battle of Britan, the air war over England.

What disadvantages did the Americans have in the battle of Yorktown?

America was first to arrive on the battle field. Also, at the time, Great Britan had the #1 army in the world.

How did the Battle of Berlin start and end?

they started acwar and then ended it