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When was The battle of britan?

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The Battle of Britain occurred 10 July - 31 October 1940 .

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Who won the Battle of Britan in World War 1?

Britan won the battle.

What battle began on 10 July 1940?

the battle of Britan

Who started the battle at Valley Forge?


What type of battle was the battle of britan?

Germany vs Britain in the air.

What year was the battle of britan?

1940 Please see the link.

What type of plane won the battle of Britan?

Spitfires and Hurricanes

How many people died during the battle of Britan?

40,000 people

Who won the battle fought on D-Day?

Britan won

When did the Battle of Britan start and end?

The Battle of Britain started on 10th July 1940. The Battle of Britain ended on 31st October 1940.

How long did the battle of Britan last for?

The battle lasted for 3 weeks and 3 days. The battle occurred on 10 July - 31 October 1940.

Why did battle of britan happen?

Because Germany wanted to invade Britain during WWII.

What did Hitler have to win in order to invade Britain?

The Battle of Britan, the air war over England.

What disadvantages did the Americans have in the battle of Yorktown?

America was first to arrive on the battle field. Also, at the time, Great Britan had the #1 army in the world.

How did the battle of saratoga affect the entire revolutionary war?

The battle of Saratoga occured during the American Revolutionary War. Many British lives were lost and was a pivotal battle in gaining independence of Britan.

Why were the battle between the Constitution and the Guerriere and the Battle of New Orleans similar?

They were both great morale victorys for the USA. Due to them both being crushing victorys over Britan in the War of 1812. They were both great morale victorys for the USA. Due to them both being crushing victorys over Britan in the War of 1812.

What resistance of a specific country during world war 2?

There is Great Britan for the battle of britain Russia for the attempted capture of Moscow

Who did US fight against in the American revolution?

britan britanGreat Britain

What is britan?

a country

Was the RAF bigger than the Luftwaffe?

During the battle of Britan . RAF had less pilots and planes than Luftwaffe but in the end of the war RAF was bigger

What is the population of britan?


What countries did World War 1 battles occur?

it occurd in Germany, France and Britan it occurd in Germany, France and Britan

Where did football first originate?


Who did you declare independence from?

Great Britan

How do you spell britan?

It is spelt 'Britain'

Who did America win its independence from?


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