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In the mid 1300's.

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Q: When did the Black Death affect the catholic church?
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If a man was divorced and then his ex wife died can he then marry in the Catholic church?

Yes he can marry in the Catholic Church. Death of a spouse is the only form of 'divorce' recognized by the Catholic Church.

How did the black death affect the clergy?

I only got a couple but there still some :D -Church officials ran the hospital -The church supplied a place where people could stay and pray. -Gave hope to people in numerous ways. -The priests asked for forgiveness on behalf of all the victims of the black plague.

How did the black death affect the Catholic Church?

The church was changed drastically as many people began to lose faith the main reason was that the plague was supposedly sent by God ( it wasn't)and people began to question the religion. Also people thought that non-sinners would not be affected and outrage broke out as people realized that more than half of the monks, bishops and so on died as they lived , and slept, so close together. But also the church became even more rich as believers brought potions that were supposed to cure this horrible disease.

Why did the Roman Catholic Church sentence people to death?

Not Roman Catholic, just the ROMANS. It was for their faith>

Is the Roman Catholic Church in favor of voluntary euthanasia or against it?

The Catholic Church is pro-life from conception until death. Euthanasia is not allowed.

What was the efects of the Black Death on society?

Black Death caused fear among people. People lost faith in catholic church and governments.

How did the Catholic church profit from the black death?

Well, it seems almost cruels to think that the Church profited from death, but it did. At that time, some people thought it was a curse from God so a lot of people converted and people prayed harder during that time.

Can a widowed catholic man who got married in an Episcopalian church marry a catholic woman in a catholic ceremony?

obviously after the death of his wife

Did the black death affect Poland?


Why was the doctor who said fleas were to blame for the black death murdered?

many people believed that it was punishment from god. Catholic church did not like the idea of science in those times.

Which of the following was a long-term result of the Black Death in medieval Europe?

Europeans began questioning their faith in the catholic church

How did the black death affect groups like foreigners and the church?

The Black Death killed millions. It affected the Catholic Church because good priests that tried to help the dying, caught the disease themselves and died. Sometimes people not qualified to be priests, were made priests anyway because of the lack of qualified candidates. People began to question the priesthood. Foreigners, especially Jewish ones were considered to be a cause of the plague. Many Jewish communities were wiped out.