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According to the Wikipedia article on Heliocentrism, April 16, 1757:

"In 1664, Pope Alexander VII published his Index Librorum Prohibitorum Alexandri VII Pontificis Maximi jussu editus which included all previous condemnations of geocentric books.[citation needed] An annotated copy of Principia by Isaac newton was published in 1742 by Fathers le Seur and Jacquier of the Franciscan Minims, two Catholic mathematicians with a preface stating that the author's work assumed heliocentrism and could not be explained without the theory. Pope Benedict XIV suspended the ban on heliocentric works on 16 April 1757 based on Isaac Newton's work. Pope Pius VII approved a decree in 1822 by the Sacred Congregation of the Inquisition to allow the printing of heliocentric books in Rome."


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Galileo challenged church teachings by saying that the heliocentric model of the universe was trueThe Catholic Church charged him with heresy. Due to his support of the heliocentric or sun centered theory. Which directly opposed the Church accepted theory that the sun and planets revolved around the earth.

A heliocentric model of the universe. Church believed in a geocentric model.

Are there any civilized peoples on earth who do not?

being a christian church catholic Brahe believed what everyone believed in those days the Geocentric theory

The Church thought that the Earth was the most important planet, and that it should be in the middle.

The work of Tycho and Kepler showed the heliocentric model was more accurate.

what is at the center of the heliocentric model

The heliocentric model is the one that replaces the geocentric model because the heliocentric model better described the solar system.

The heliocentric model was invented in 1512 by Copernicus

This model was not well received in ancient times, however, because people could not accept that earth was not at the center of the universe.

Unless you ask a more specific question, I should have to say that the Catholic Church does not oppose a model of the universe.

Galileo challenged church teachings by saying that the heliocentric model of the universe was true

The first true heliocentric model was proposed by Copernicus.

Aristarchus for he first questioned the geocentric and thought of the heliocentric model.

The heliocentric idea, with the Sun at the centre, was part of a prediction model using circles and epicycles devised by Copernicus, called the heliocentric model. The heliocentric idea was adopted by Kepler in his work that led to the discovery of Kepler's laws of planetary motion. It was also used by Galileo in a famous dispute with the Catholic church which was not about to change its ideas without adequate evidence. The evidence came after Galileo's time when Newton made the necessary theoretical discoveries to understand the way the Sun's gravity produces planets' orbits. Since then everyone believes that the Sun is at the centre.

The heliocentric model of the solar system was first proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus in 1543.

heliocentric model. Probably the "geocentric model" is what's meant, because the heliocentric model is "modern".

The heliocentric model is the one that has the Sun at the centre and the Earth the third planet out. We don't use the heliocentric model of Copernicus with its circles and epicycles, that was superseded by Kepler's model, but we still have the Sun at the centre.

I believe you are confusing two things here; there is no such thing as a "heliocentric model of telescope". There is a heliocentric model of our Solar System, and there are telescopes. The two are unrelated.

Galileo's work came into conflict with the church because he advocated a heliocentric model of out solar system. This conflicted with what it says in the bible.

he explains the heliocentric model of our solar system, which states that all planets revolve around the sun in an circular orbit, contrary to aristotles belief, and the supposes belief of the catholic church at the time, being that the earth was the center of the universe!

He is worth knowing about because he revived the Heliocentric modelSome say that he reveled the Heliocentric model but he didn'tBut he was the first person to try to push people to to believe in the Heliocentric model

Because there was not enough evidence for it at the time, and the Church needed good evidence if it was going to reconsider the scriptures. But many years after Galileo's trial, further scientific discoveries were made that forced everyone to accept the Kepler model of elliptical orbits for the planets, with the Sun at the centre. Galileo had promoted Copernicus's model, which was discarded in favour of Kepler's. But the basic idea of having the Sun in the centre was retained, and is still retained today.

Because the Heliocentric model was proven to be the correct model, while the geocentric model was found to be inaccurate.

In the heliocentric model, the sun is at the center of our solar system and the earth is the third planet that orbits it.

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