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During President Kennedy's Presidency.

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Q: When did the Cuban Missle Crisis start?
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Which was first the Cuban missile crisis or the man to walk on the moon?

The Cuban Missle Crisis was in 1962, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969. So the Cuban Missle Crisis was first.

What was the central issue of the Cuban missile crisis?

The Cuban Missle Crisis was done in 1984

Were shots fired at the Cuban missile crisis?

Yes, shots were fired during the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Why is the US afraid of cuba?

cuban missle crisis.

When did the Cuban missle crisis happen?

span of Cuban missile crisisoctober 14 - october 28 1962

When did the Cuban missle crisis end?

October 28th, 1962

What is one historical fact about Cuba?

Cuban Missle Crisis

Who was the president during the Cuban Missle Crisis?

John F. Kennedy

What were John F. Kennedy's worst decisions?

Cuban missle crisis.

What was the name of the wars name between Cuba and America?

the Cuban missle crisis

Was Nikita Krushchev apart of the Cuban missile crisis?

Yes Nakita Krushchev was apart in the Cuban Missle projct

How many people were involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Do you mean the Cuban Missle Crisis? If yes, than basicly the Soviet Union, Cuba, and the United States.

What event happened in Cuba during Imperialism?

Cuban Missle Crisis and Bay of Pigs Invasion

How did the Cuban missle crisis happen?

if i remember correctly we thought russia gave nukes to cuba

What confrontation between the US and the Soviet Union led them to the brink of war?

Cuban missle crisis

What may have been the most dramatic foreign episode President Kennedy faced?

Cuban Missle Crisis

What does fidel Castro like to do?

He was the dictator of Cuba. He was a very cruel dictator and he started the Cuban Missle Crisis.

How were the missles discovered is the Cuban missle crisis?

American U2 spy planes were spying over Cuba

Where were the missles in the Cuban missle crisis?

in bikini bottom No id3 whatever the other numbers are they were at the islands were the missle sites were being built and they were in ships that the U.S. navy blockaded

How did the Bay of Pigs lead to the Cuban missle crisis?

they hoped the faggets train leading to the chocolate tunnel hoe

Nikita khrushchev wanted a foothold in the western hemisphere what was the Soviets solution?

Cuba. He was behind the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Which cold war event is considered the closest the world ever came to a nuclear war?

The Cuban Missle Crisis

What effect did the Cuban missle crisis have on the US?


What is the spread of nuclear weapons called?

imminent chaos! Nuclear weapons are a bad idea. Refer to the Cuban missle crisis.

What was set up between Washington D.C. and Moscow as a result of the Cuban Missle Crisis?

A] a nuclear warhead path