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The Battle of Marathon was won by Athens and its ally Plataia in 490 BCE.

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Q: When did the Greeks win the battle of Marathon?
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Where was the battle that helped the Greeks win over the persians?

Marathon, Greece .

Did the ancient Greeks win a decisive battle at Marathon or Carthage?

Athens won at Marathon. Rome won against Carthage.

What plain did the Greeks win the battle against Darius' army?

The plain of Marathon , Greece .

Who won the marathon battle?

The Greeks did

When did the battle of marathon begin?

The battle of Marathon began in 490 BC. The battle took place between the Persian Empire and the Greeks. Eventually, the Greeks won the war.

Who was the actual winner at the battle of marathon?

The Greeks.

In what year did the Greeks win the battle near the city of marathon?

Marathon was a plain, not a city. It was owned by Athens. They fought a battle against a Persian amphibious punitive expedition sent by Persia in 490 BCE.

Who fought the Greeks in the battle of Salamis and Marathon?

The Persians .

Why were the Greeks able to win the battle of marathon?

It was not the Greeks, it was Athens and its ally Plataia. The Athenians waited on the edge of the Plain of Marathon for reinforcement from Sparta. Then saw the superior Persian cavalry being embarked on ships and ran down and defeated the unsupported inferior Persian infantry.

What fighting formations did the Greeks and Persians use in the battle of marathon?


Metal weapons ensured a victory at the battle of the marathon for what army?

The Greeks

Who were the two sides fighting in the battle of marathon?

Greeks versus Persians .