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In the New Testament book of Acts, chapter 2 it tells about the Holy Spirit coming as the disciples were gathered for Pentecost.

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Q: When did the Holy Spirit come to the early Church for the first time?
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How was Confirmation important to the early Catholic Church?

They received the Holy Spirit for the first time.

Why did holy spirit find the church?

The holy spirit descended on the apostles, who were the first leaders of the church. In turn, he strengthens all Catholics and is a large factor in the making of the church.

How does the holy spirit make a church holy?

The Holy Spirit makes the church holy through the people that it lives in. The holy spirit is what provides christians with the fruits of the spirit and touches their lives. It make the church holy through the people it touches.

What is in the church that indicates the presence of God?

If the Holy Spirit fills the church, then the Holy Spirit.

How is the holy spirit at work in the church today?

Yes the holy spirit is still working in the church.

When was Holy Spirit Church - KoΕ‘ice - created?

Holy Spirit Church - Košice - was created in 1733.

What is the temple of the holy spirit?

Well the Temple of the Holy Spirit is the Church and you. The church and you are the Temple of the Holy spirit because we believe in the Holy spirit. We also believe in the Holy Trinity which is part of you and the church.It's a part of you and the church because we believe in the three main parts of the Holy Trinity the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

How did Confirmation originate in the early Church?

On the Day of Pentecost, when the Apostles received the Seal of the Holy Spirit.

Who is the sanctifier of the church?

The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit makes us holy, or sanctify.

The Sanctifier of the Church is?

The Holy Spirit IS the Sanctifier of the Church.

Who is the the soul of the church?

The Holy spirit

Did the holy spirit first come to the church on Good Friday the ascension or pentecost?


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