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The Islam religion was born by God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad (peace upon him). Since Islam is God religion and since Quran is God words then Islam religion is endless. Islam religion lasts throughout this life and after life and even in the second eternal life.

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The religion, Islam, was founded in a period around 700 A.D. To date, it still thrives and is one of the largest religions in the world. It never did end.

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Q: When did the Islam religion end?
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When does Islam end?

Islam is a religion. It does not end.If u mean when quran was fully revealed it was 632ad.!

Is Muslim a religion or Islam?

Islam is a religion. Muslim is the follower of Islam religion.

Is Muslims the same as Islam religion?

No, not the same. Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers of Islam religion or the people who believe in Islam religion.

What is the ancient religion of Islam?

It is Islam religion.

Is Islam a religion or race?

Islam is a religion. :]

What is the most popular religion in Islam?

Islam is a religion - therefore the answer is Islam.

Is Islam the religion of Satan?

no Islam is not the religion of Satan it is a beautiful religion

What is the original religion of Islam?

Islam is it self a religion

Is Islam the same as Muslims?

Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers of Islam religion.

Is Jerusalem the capital of Islam?

Islam is a religion, not a country.Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and Islam is a religion, a religion not a country

What is the difference between religion and Islam?

There is no difference. Islam is a religion.

Who is the originator of the Islam religion?

Allah is the originator of Islam religion

Islam's - what are their religion?

muslim. Islam is the religion muslim's practice

What is the answer of Islam?

Islam is not a question to have an answer. Islam is a religion.

Are Muslims and Islam one in the same?

Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers of the Islam religion.

Is islam a universal or local religion?

Islam is a universal religion. It is second largest religion of the world, next to Christianity.

Why do people say Islam and Muslim both are religion?

Islam is the religion or faith but Muslim is the one who follows Islam religion.

Who said that Islam is the real religion?

Muslims have said that Islam is the true religion. Non-Muslims have disagreed and said that their religions are the true religion or that there is no true religion and they are all false. At the end of the day, you have to figure out which of the several arguments is more convincing.

Is Islam a religion of Arabia?

Islam is not A religion but it is THE religion. Mean to say that its the only religion. Its the religion of GOD for whole of humanity...

Which religion is a follower of Islam?


What is Islam-?

Islam is the religion of the Muslims.

What religion is Islam mostly spread?

Islam is a religion. Your question is incoherent.

Is Islam a religion or nation?


Is Muslim a religon?

No. Islam is the Religion. A Muslim is someone who follows Islam. Example: I am a Muslim and Islam is my Religion.

Is the Islam religion the same as the Muslim religon?

The name of the religion is "Islam", a "Muslim" is a person who believes in Islam.