When did the Oklahoma start the Oklahoma thunders?

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When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the Hornets relocated to OKC for the 05-06 and 06-07 seasons. It did so well in OKC the NBA took notice and decided to move the Seattle Super Sonics to OKC. Oklahoma City Thunder Est. 2008
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What is there to do in Oklahoma?

That totally depends on where you are going. I would suggest looking up Discover Oklahoma. There is a lot to see and do here. Tulsa is much nicer than OKC too.

Where is Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is a landlocked state in south central United States. Itis bordered by 6 states; Texas on the south, New Mexico on thewest, Colorado on the northwest, Kansas on the north, Missouri onthe northeast, and Arkansas on the east.

What started the Oklahoma land rush?

In about 1879,Elias C. Boudinot began a campaign, perhaps at the behest of one of his clients, the M-K-T Railroad, to open the land "unoccupied by any Indian" to settlement by non-Indians. He pointed out in a letter published in 1879 that four of the Five Civilized Tribes, unlike the Cherokee, had ( Full Answer )

What is the starting pay for a masseuse in Oklahoma?

Massage therapists prefer the term therapist. The term 'masseuse' is an older term that is not generally used anymore. A masseuse is a female that performs massage, but has gone through an apprenticeship. Massage therapists go to a school and take at least 500 hours of education (in most states in t ( Full Answer )

The roster for the Oklahoma City thunder?

8-Chucky Atkins 4-Nick Collison 35-Kevin Durant 0-Russel Westbrook 23-B.J. Mullens 13-James Harden 9-Serge Ibaka 22-Jeff Green 14-Shaun Livingston 12-Nenad Krstic 2-Thabo Sefolosha 30-Robert Vaden 5-Kyle Weaver 3-D.J. White 21-Damien Wilkins

How did Oklahoma City thunder get their name?

as i remember they released an official on line poll for the fans to name the team .,thunder and barons are the only those i can remember in the names to choose from.

Do the Oklahoma City Thunder have the Seattle Supersonics history or are they listed as if they are an expansion team?

They have the stats of the Seattle Sonics for now until Seattle gets a team back then I dont thik they will not sure though Seattle has all the banners and trophys but Thunder have the records and other things. The Thunder should not have any of the Sonics accomplishments because they are no long ( Full Answer )

What is the Oklahoma Meal?

The Oklahoma Legislature kept adding favorite dishes to its list of Official State Symbols until it came up with a virtual banquet. The Official State Meal includes: . Barbecue Pork, . Chicken Fried Steak, . Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, . Cornbread, . Grits, . Black-eyed Peas, . Corn, . Fried ( Full Answer )

On Oklahoma City Thunder basketball who is?

Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and James Harden search Oklahoma city thunder players on Google and the website should come up. look at players

How do you start an LLC in Oklahoma?

Step 1 - Download and Fill out a Oklahoma Articles of Organization . Step 2 - Attach a check payable to the Secretary of State in the amount of $100.00 . Step 3 - Send Check and Articles of Organization to the following address: Oklahoma Secretary of State 2300 N Lincoln Blvd. Room 101 ( Full Answer )

Who are the Oklahoma City thunder basketball team?

The team originally was created as a NBA expansion franchise in1967, known formerly as the Seattle SuperSonics. The franchise wasbased in Seattle until 2008. After years of facilities,specifically Key Arena(where the team played), not up to par withNBA standards, Howard Schultz, the owner at the tim ( Full Answer )

What does Oklahoma rank?

It is the 28th most populated state, the 36th most densely populated state, the 20th largest state and it was the 46th state to join the Union. Oklahoma is the 5th largest wheat and beef producing state and is the 2nd largest natural gas producer.

What can you do in Oklahoma City?

well you can do almost everything the same like hike baseball football hockey basketball and more it is just like every other city

Who is the owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

The Professional Basketball Club, LLC owns the Oklahoma City Thunder. They also own the Tulsa 66ers in the NBA Development League. The group is composed of of Oklahoma City businessmen and is led by Clay Bennett.

Who found Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

Good question. The answer to who found Oklahoma city is Choctaw chief actually known as Allen wright thank you for your question answered by: Brittney Hernandez

How did Oklahoma City Oklahoma get named?

Oklahoma got its name from a Choctaw chief, named Allen wright. He suggested the name in 1866, from the Indian words "Okla 'homa" which means " red people" But also the nickname of Oklahoma is the sooner state. and that is how Oklahoma got it's name .

How does Oklahoma tornado start and what does it do?

Tornadoes in Oklahoma are largely the same as tornadoes that form elsewhere. Oklahoma is part of Tornado Alley, a region with an especially favorable setup for tornadoes. The sequence described below typically occurs during the spring. In most cases for Tornado Alley, two or three air masses come ( Full Answer )

What is the font style of the Oklahoma City thunder?

The font style of the Oklahoma City Thunder has been recounted as weak and fragile. The owners have said that the logo does not present any form of power or unique effect for the team.