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The ottoman empire's peak was from 1481-1566, during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent.

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Q: When did the Ottoman Empire reach its peak?
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What was the population of the Ottoman Empire at its peak?

The population was 35,350,000 at the peak of the Ottoman Empire.

Under whose rule did the Ottoman Empire reach its peak?

Under the ruler Suleiman the Magnificent (born 1494), the Ottoman Empire reached it's peak from 1520 AD to 1566 AD.

Was the Ottoman Empire the largest?

No, the Ottoman Empire was not the largest. At its peak, the British Empire was the largest.

Who was Sรผleyman?

The Sultan who rule Ottoman Empire in it's peak.

When did the Mongol Empire reach its peak?

1270 c.E.

The Ottoman Empire reached the peak of its power and grandeur in the 1500s during the rule of?

Suleiman the Magnificent

By what year did the ottoman empire reach its farthest southern extent?

The Eyalet of Egypt, a province within the Ottoman Empire, conquered the Somaliland coast (the area around and including Berbera) in 1548. This was the southernmost point in the Ottoman Empire.

Under which Roman Emperor did the Roman Empire reach its peak?


Describe the geographic extent of the Ottoman empire at its height?

At its peak the Ottoman empire stretched from Hungary and Poland in the north to Saudi Arabia in the south and from Algeria in the west to Iran and the Persian Gulf in the east.

The Ottoman Empire was populated by the?

The Ottoman Empire was populated by the

The Ottoman Empire was populated by the .?

The Ottoman Empire was populated by the

When did the Greek Empire reach its peak?

There was no Greek empire. The Greek world comprised hundreds of independent city-states.

Which nation did the Ottoman Empire belong to?

The Ottoman Empire was a nation.

When was Ottoman Empire created?

Ottoman Empire was created in 1299.

Which religion inspired the Ottoman Empire?

No religion "inspired" the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire had Sunni Islam as its State Religion, but it was not a view or tenet of Islam to create an Ottoman Empire.

Where is the ottoman empire supported?

Nobody wants to resurrect the Ottoman Empire per se. Turkey's current foreign policy is seen as the "New Ottoman Empire" since Turkey is trying to reach out in a dominant position diplomatically to former Ottoman countries. However, Turks are quite happy with the way the current democracy works.

Is the Turkish empire the same as the ottoman empire?

Yes, Turkish people were in the Ottoman empire.

When the Ottoman Empire was established?

The Ottoman Empire was established by Osman I in 1299.

When did the Ottoman Empire begin?

Ottoman Empire founded in 1299 C.E.

Who was the founder of the Ottoman Empire?

Osman I is attributed to finding The Ottoman Empire.

Who established the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire was established by Mehmed 11

How many provinces did the Ottoman Empire have?

The Ottoman Empire had 29 provinces.

How many capitals has the Ottoman Empire had?

The Ottoman Empire had four capitals.

Who was founder of the Ottoman Empire?

Osman I is attributed to finding The Ottoman Empire.

What was the significance of the ottoman empire?

the significance of the Ottoman Empire is the people that followed the Osman wich they named him ottoman.