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When did the Ottoman Empire rise?


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The Ottoman Empire began in 1299 when Osman I declared independence from the Seljuk Turks and conquered the Byzantine city of Bilecik.

risin:1299-1453 growth:1453-1683


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The Ottoman Empire was one of the most important of the original empires. It rose from the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

The decline of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of nationalism during the Ottoman Empire.

Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1923 with the rise of latter state Turkey. Turkey was founded in 1923.1922

The rise of nationalism in the Empire eventually caused the break-down of the Ottoman millet (confessional community) concept.

Ottoman Empire, until the rise of Napoleon.

Most historians of the Ottoman Empire will argue that the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmet II was the important victory that Ottomans ever won.

In the 15th century, this warrior/conqueror from Samarkand in Central Asia briefly interrupted the rise of the Ottoman Empire. He also conquered Russia, Persia, and northern India, but died on his way to conquer China. HOPE THIS HELPS.

The Ottoman Empire was populated by the

No religion "inspired" the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire had Sunni Islam as its State Religion, but it was not a view or tenet of Islam to create an Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire.The Ottoman Empire

AnswerThe Turks were the rulers of the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire was a nation.

Ottoman Empire was created in 1299.

Yes, Turkish people were in the Ottoman empire.

No, the Ottoman Empire was not the largest. At its peak, the British Empire was the largest.

Ottoman Empire founded in 1299 C.E.

Osman I is attributed to finding The Ottoman Empire.

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The Ottoman Empire had 29 provinces.

The Ottoman Empire had four capitals.

The Ottoman Empire was established by Osman I in 1299.

the significance of the Ottoman Empire is the people that followed the Osman wich they named him ottoman.

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