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The Renaissance is believed to have begun in Italy during the 14th century. The English Renaissance began in the early 16th century, and continued until the early 17th century, focusing more on literature and music than visual arts. It is most characterized by famous writers such as John Milton, William Shakespeare, and Francis Bacon.

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Name two reasons why the renaissance was slow to reach England?

Because of the internal political affairs and the War of The Roses.

City that was center of Renaissance in England?

The city that was center of Renaissance in England is London. Hope that this helps!!!!!! :)

Why did the Renaissance spread to England?

The renaissance spread to England by tourist that been there or from trading centers of Italy, Florance.

How did the Renaissance influence Queen Elizabeth I?

She did not. When renaissance was going england was backwards.

When did the Renaissance reach its peak?

In the 1500's.

Who was the queen during the Renaissance?

During the renaissance queen Elizabeth was queen for England.

When did the renaissance in England start?


Why did it take so long for the Renaissance movement to reach Italy?

The Renaissance first started in Itlay.

Is England and Scotland the two countries were the springboard to the Renaissance?

England and Scotland

Where was the center of the Renaissance in England?

Actually it is France!

City that was the center of Renaissance in England?

It was LONDON!

What was the renaissance movement in England called?


How does renaissance come to England?

through trade

Why was the Renaissance late coming to England?

The Redormation of the Catholic Church was taking full priority in England while other European countries entered the Renaissance.

How did renaissance writers reach a wider audience?

i do not know sorry :-(

Who was the ruler of England during the Renaissance?

During the Renaissance, England was under the Tudor Dynasty. This includes Henry VIII, Edward VI, "Bloody" Mary, and Elizabeth I.

In which civilization did the wizards live?

During the Renaissance in England.

Who was the king of England in the renaissance period?

Henry VII

What is the law opening England to Protestantism called?


Who was king in England during the Renniassance?

There were multiple kings in England during the Renaissance period. King Henry VIII and Edward VI both ruled in the Renaissance period.

What does the Renaissance means?

The renaissance simply is the reviving of Arts and Literature and Culture in the 14th-16th Century over in England

What briefly describe the Renaissance Period in England?

what is ancient cities,royal palaces.massive cathedrls of england

What has the author John Belcher written?

John Belcher has written: 'Later Renaissance architecture in England' -- subject(s): Architecture, Architecture, Renaissance, Renaissance Architecture

Where did the Renaissance spread to?

renaisssance spread in switzerland,france,england

What has the author John Pitcher written?

John Pitcher has written: 'Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England, Volume 12' 'Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England (Volume 11)' 'The poet and taboo'