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Origination of the Spanish LanguageAnswerSince Spanish is derived from Latin, the earliest possible date for the origin of Spanish can't be any earlier than when the Romans started to settle in the Iberian Peninsula - c. 200BC.

However, it would make better sense to go for the date when Latin spoken there began to diverge from Latin spoken elsewhere. I'd would be very skeptical of any date before 150BC, and that would be for a distant forerunner, not really Spanish.

AnswerThe language was formed some time after the Moors settled in, so after 700 A.D. They were conquered by 1492 and after that they (Spaniards) began traveling into the New World spreading their language which was pretty much "Spanish" as we know it. Be aware that various regions have their own dialect as well as their own languages. AnswerWhen Spain was liberated from the Moors, the two kingdoms that headed the "Reconquista" (Re-conquering) of Spain were Castilla, the strongest kingdom, and Aragon. The language of Castilla was the Castilian, now called Spanish, because all Spain was under the rule of Castilla after they conquered the New World and became the mightiest empire in the world at that time. After that, all Spain, beside the different languages spoken in other provinces, (Catalonia, Leon, Galicia, etc) , started to speak in Castilian or Spagnoli as it is also known, and spread in the conquered territories.
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Q: When did the Spanish language originate?
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