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The Tasmanian Tiger survived uptil 1933

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Q: When did the The Tasmania wolf live?
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Where did the tazmanian wolf live?

Thylacines lived on the island of Tasmania.

Do wallaroos live in Tasmania?

No. Wallaroos, also known as euros, do not live in Tasmania.

What is a zebra wolf?

A zebra wolf is another term for a thylacine - a carnivorous marsupial once native to Tasmania, now extinct.

Do spider monkeys live in Tasmania?

Absolutely not. There are no monkeys in Tasmania at all.

Do red kangaroos live in Tasmania?

No. Red kangaroos are not found in Tasmania.

Does the thorny devil live in Tasmania?

No. Thorny devils do not live in Tasmania, but in the desert and semi-arid regions of mainland Australia.

Do tarantulas live in Tasmania?


Do Magpies live in Tasmania?

Yes. Magpies are found throughout Australia. Magpies in Tasmania tend to be smaller than those that live on the mainland.

Do crows live in Tasmania?

yes some

Do praying mantis live in Tasmania?


Where do emu live in the world?

emu live in Australia except Tasmania

How many years ago did the Tasmanian wolf live?

The Tasmanian wolf, also known as the Tasmanian tiger or, more correctly, as the Thylacine, was last seen in Tasmania in 1936. The last known specimen died in the Hobart Zoo in September of that year, and there have been no more confirmed sightings in the wild.