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The first attack on Japanese military was just days after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

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Q: When did the US attack the Japanese?
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Why did the Japanese attack the US so easily?

The US was NOT at war prior to the attack.

When did Japanese attack us?


How did the Japanese lull the US into the attack on Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese did not lull the US into an attack on Pearl Harbor. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, not the other way around.

How was the Japanese attack at Midway foiled?

The Japanese had planned a surprise attack on Midway. The surprise was foiled because the US had broken Japan's military code and the US was prepared for the attack.

What was the name of the Japanese attack on the US?


What did the Japanese think of the US in the Attack of Pearl Harbor?

They hated us

Where did Japanese attack us?

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Who told the US that Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor?

no one it was a suprise attack

Where did the japan attack the US?

The Japanese attacked the US in pearl harbor,Hawii.

When was the Japanese bombing attack on the US navy?

The Japanese bombing attack on the US Navy happened during the early morning hours of December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This attack led to the US entering World War II.

Did the US help defeat he Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

yes they did the US joined the war after the attack of pearl harbor

What did Japanese do during World War 2?

They attack us

What two Japanese cities did the us attack?

Nagasaki and Hiroshima

What did the Japanese navy lure the us with?

An attack on Pearl Harbor.

When did Japanese attack the us at harbor?


Where did Japanese attack the US fleet?

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Why did the japanese attack th pearl harbor?

They thought the attack would convince the US to negotiate.

Why did the Japanese attack Hawaii?

To remove the US Pacific Fleet from interferring with Japanese expansion in the Pacific.

What Japanese prime minister ordered the Japanese navy to prepare for the attack in the US?

Hideki Tojo

Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Bomb?

To remove the US Fleet from interferring with Japanese expansion into the pacific.

What Japanese attack brought America into World War 2?

The attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese forced the US to go to war in the 1940's.

What impact did the Japanese attack on pearl harbor have in the US?

The attack brought the US to war. it had a bad ending using nuclear wepons.

In December 1941 where did the Japanese attack the US?

In December 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Habour, which triggered the US joining WWII.

What was the mission of the Japanese attack?

to gain more land. To attack us and then take land and make peace

When did the Japanese attack the Us in Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.