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When did the US get involved in World War 1?


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April 1917

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There were 116,000 US casualties. 4,744,000 were involved.

They didnt want to start a war

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The US got involved in the war on: April 6, 1917.

To get a peace from all country during world war 1

Neither France, nor the US had any desire to get involved in the war.

The sinking of the Lusitania caused the US to get involved.

It was The US entered WW I on April 16th, 1917.

no not at all they were not involved in the first world war

US and world were imported greatly by world war 1. World war 1 involved the world, so you could see the import it had on world just by the name of the war (which is world war 1 in case you didn't know). Further analysis would lead one to discover that US is in world and thus also a part of world war 1. Hopefully this has helped you understand the import of world war 1.

because they wernt origianily involved

US wanted to trade with the other countries causing them to get involved in the war

At the beginning of World War I, the US assumed an isolationist policy which basically means that we refused to get involved. While remaining isolationist, the US tried to get the other countries involved to declare peace.

The sinking of the Lusitania was the spark for US entry into WW I.

Because the Germans started sinking or cargo ships with their submarines.

they thought it would rughin there reputition

To help the Allied Powers defeat the Axis Powers.

The United States was neutral from the start of the war until April of 1917.

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